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First Debut Novel: ‘Prayer At The Riverfront’ by Salim Hansa


Book Launch EventAuthor Salim Hansa  Dr Indira Nityanandam

Have you met God yet? This man had a conversation with God Himself!
‘Prayer At The Riverfront’ – Debut Novel of Salim Hansa |Love| Romance| Religion|

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ahmedabad, Gujarat Jun 13, 2022 ( – With the latest launch of his debut novel – “Prayer At the Riverfront”, author Salim Hansa questions the existence of God, the relevance of religion, and the prevalence of religious beliefs. The story revolves around Kabir, an MBA graduate, and Nilam. Both follow a completely different religion where Kabir falls in love with the fiercely independent and headstrong girl, Nilam.

No cultural differences, choices of beliefs, or social status impede the ignition of love. But will everything be as they hope? Will the two have a love story that will dismantle society’s prejudiced mindset? In a love story laced with drama, humor, emotions, and suspense, to find out the MASTER PLAN, read the novel and find an answer to these questions. This is truly an honest and eye-opening read where the author expertly crafts an emotional and painful dialogue between the addict and their loved ones.

Salim Hansa is a dedicated Branch Manager at Financial Institution in Ahmedabad. With more than 9 years of experience in finance, sales, and marketing, he oversees the financial operations of the branch, manages resources, develops and attains sales goals, and brings proven success by scrutinizing the financial information that is critical for any economic business decision.

A banker by day and writer by night, Mr. Salim is a curious writer who writes everything with a deep purpose and inquisitively connects the dots. “While writing for Kabir and Nilam, I have imagined the character in my mind and dived deep into the storyboard to pen down the narrative. Throughout the story, I have kept in the mind the points of chapter connectivity, emotional routes, humor, fun, and romantic elements to captivate the readers.” – Salim Hansa, author of ‘Prayer At The Riverfront’.

He has always built a work culture of mutual trust and is quite assertive with words. These qualities have acted as a bonus point while narrating the incidents in the novel. Mr. Salim believes that emotional language and connective storyline are the secret sauce behind every novel. To add a distinctive element, he has raised a few questions that broaden the thought process of readers towards religion and God and their beliefs with love in different religions.

“Reading and daydreaming have boosted me into identifying the passion and enthusiasm to expose me to try Writing & Storytelling, I have achieved this by writing a book “Prayer At The Riverfront“, which questions the use of religion, the existence of God, and the relevance of religions.” Love marriages, interfaith marriage, and the process of making it happen are the key elements of the novel that hook readers to the book.

You can buy this book from Amazon, Flipkart, and other online stores.

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Book Launch EventAuthor Salim Hansa   Dr Falguni VasavadaBook Launch EventAuthor Salim Hansa with his mom Hansa Ben Velani  wife Nilam Lakhani

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Prayer At The Riverfront

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Prayer At The Riverfront
With the latest launch of his debut novel – “Prayer At the Riverfront”, author Salim Hansa questions the existence of God, the relevance of religion, and the prevalence of religious beliefs.
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