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Nosleep LO – Trappp is Back with an Extremely Catchy Track ‘El Trap Kilo (Intro)’ Offering Hip-Hop Rap Diction



Be there to get your feet moving with Nosleep LO & Trappp and their exceedingly captivating track ‘El Trap Kilo (Intro)’, a perfect infusion of hip-hop and trap vibes.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Richmond, Virginia Jun 16, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Being extremely well-cultivated artists Nosleep LO & Trappp has delivered various in their career by far. But this colorful gripping track El Trap Kilo (Intro) is a part of their upcoming project El Trap Kilo EP. The eponymous track has an extremely gripping aura throughout the song. The song is distributed by Distrokid along with the upcoming EP. This is the first song they both have collaborated on, and their fans will vouch for more of their tracks in the future once the audience has witnessed the song. From the iconic hat to the white-black shirt and the beard everything is charming as well as gripping. This song will engage a lot of people in their upcoming craft.

At the beginning of the video, NoSleep is seen falling asleep on the couch and the television in the room glitches and smooth rapping verses start to glide through the imagination of the hip-hop artist. And throughout the song, he is seen getting intoxicated and plenty of money. And the video ends with Trappp waking Nosleep up from the brief two minutes dream. The monochromic walls and the later vibrant blues, yellow, green, and red carry the contradictory yet distinguishing accent of the normal life and imaginative aura that every person has. ‘El Trap Kilo (Intro)’ is a very compelling track with an ample amount of hip-hop vibes through every line of the intro track.

NoSleep has delivered songs like ‘Rapidly’, ‘Hue Hefner’, ‘Lo Pacquiao’, ‘Digi Dash’, ‘Fiji’, ‘Dive’, ‘Cali Vybes’, ‘Aint Letting Up’, ‘Litty’, ‘Really Really’ in his career, and he has collaborated with various artists and producers for his songs. His catchy and gripping wordplay and tunes are something that lingers with his humming sounds. His witty and quirky accent is extremely happening and widely gripping. And Trappp has delivered his consuming diction within the brief minutes of the track. Nosleep LO & Trappp, both of them together have made the track with some intriguing rapping hip-hop diction. And surely he will continue to deliver more and more charming, trippy, catchy, and compelling tracks in his upcoming days. His music craft is available on YouTube.

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