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Cryptocurrency plunge! UUEX Exchange goes on a 400 million USDT binge to give back to cryptocurrency users!



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Jun 17, 2022 ( – Cryptocurrency plunge! UUEX Exchange goes on a 400 million USDT binge to give back to cryptocurrency users!

The cryptocurrency world has been in turmoil for 12 long months! On June 15, the price of Bitcoin touched its lowest point since mid-December 2020, with the price reaching $20,080 per unit. Although this process burst with a large amount of capital smashing into the cryptocurrency world, some popular coins such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin have received a large amount of capital, it does not seem to have stabilized the market as expected, which has left many small and medium-sized investors feeling spooked!

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Today, billionaire Jeffrey Gonzalez said he wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin fell to $10,000. Bill Gates also trumpeted yesterday that crypto is 100% based on the fool theory and said “I’m not in on it”!

The turmoil in the cryptocurrency world has led cryptocurrency exchanges to come up with more ways to boost user confidence.

UUEX, a digital currency trading app created by Carnegie Mellon University alumni, recently announced that it is dropping 400 million USDT to give back to the majority of cryptocurrency users. Whether you are a bitcoin investor who has recently suffered a loss, and options player who has made a small fortune, or a newbie to the cryptocurrency world who doesn’t know about the cryptocurrency “cold winter”, if you download the UUEX APP, you will be able to share the 400 million USDT released by the official UUEX platform with the majority of users!

UUEX is now launching a 400 million USDT cash giveaway for new and existing users, which has officially started. As long as you follow the steps below to complete the download and registration, and complete your real name verification, you will be able to receive a 66 USDT prize pack.

  • Download the official app

(1) Download link:

(2) Google Play / Apple Store search “uuex”

  • Register an account

(Email account needs to bind cell phone number)

  • Complete real name verification (KYC)
  • Contact the app customer service/contact person / official customer service and provide the following information

(1) Send the screenshot of the App

(2) Provide the account information

(3) After receiving 66 USDT, complete 15 “Battle” transactions

A shining star in the cryptocurrency world, UUEX APP is a digital currency trading platform founded in Singapore in August 2020 by Carnegie Mellon University alumni together with their Google colleagues to build a bridge for digital currency enthusiasts worldwide and to contribute to the blockchain cause. The App was created carrying all the good genes of the Digital Currency Exchange 2.0 era, enabling fast trading and secure storage. Cold Wallet’s exclusive technology allows funds to be transferred out and in freely, conveniently, and with guaranteed security!

UUEX has obtained the MPI (Major Payment Institution Licence) issued by the MAS (Monetary Authority Of Singapore) and has been legally promoted worldwide. America!

After more than 2 years of expansion, the official UUEX platform has started to make a name for itself in the cryptocurrency world, having received exposure from senior media around the world. It has now set up offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and has received several rounds of funding, attracting senior engineers from world-leading technology companies such as Ali, Tencent, and Google.

UUEX APP’s newest game, “Option”, was introduced by Larry, the founder of UUEX, and is linked to Bitcoin’s real-time back office. All you need to do is select “bullish” or “bearish” based on your prediction of the future and choose the amount you want to bet from 10-500 USDT to participate in the game. If your choice matches the future, you will earn approximately the same amount as you bet, and your betting choice is entirely up to you, completely unaffected by the shocks in the cryptocurrency world. Most importantly, the significant return on bets achieved by this feature is the key to attracting enthusiastic participation from a wide range of user groups.

The platform’s “400 Million USDT” giveaway is also based on the generous allocation of this feature, which allows users to withdraw the earnings earned with 66 USDT as principal once they have played this feature 15 times, approximately once a minute.

The official app users’ campaign to earn 66 USDT is now underway and users worldwide are taking action!

The “Options” feature is very simple and easy to use, similar to “binary options”, after careful observation of the trend pattern before deciding to buy up or buy-down. I personally tested it, not all depends on luck, as long as you have enough grasp of the trend pattern, it is also very easy to achieve the bottom of the assets in a short period of time. According to users, many players have already won considerable profits through this portal!

To make up for the huge losses caused by the recent crash in the cryptocurrency world, try out the new UUEX “Options” portal and share in the “400 million USDT” cash prize, while potentially earning an exceptional return on your bets.


UUEX was established in Singapore on Aug 01, 2020. Platform members are convinced that blockchain will change the traditional monopolistic financial system and establish a more democratic and autonomous social structure. The platform has a professional financial-level transaction architecture and a self-developed high-concurrency memory matching transaction engine. The platform adopts a transaction architecture such as a fully cold recharge wallet system + multi-signature + high-protection DDOS attack system to ensure the safety of customer assets.
In order to allow customers to better grasp investment opportunities, UUEX’s customer service department adopts flat management internally, and has established an extremely fast service response mechanism.
[email protected]


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