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ProHa Fitness Mirror: New Look and Redefine Home Fitness


ProHa Fitness mirror

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Jun 17, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Home fitness has become a new craze. However, problems such as a weak atmosphere, lack of professional coaching, no motivation, and no training directions still exist, and it also reduces people’s enthusiasm for fitness. In June 2022, HiDong released its first home gym device ProHa fitness mirror, aiming to solve the above problems.

It is specially designed to bring to you and your family new workout experiences.

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New Look: the 24mm, thinnest and lightest

The 24mm ultra-thin body and the streamlined design make it perfectly fit any home style. It’s also a new design beyond the past–the lightest, thinnest fitness mirror on the market. The 60-inch ultra-high-definition bright screen and the vacuum sputtering process, make it become a luxurious full-length mirror when it’s off.

New Technology: breakthrough 5A mirror technology

HiDong ProHa fitness mirror brings the breakthrough 5A mirror technology that no one has. (AG anti-glare, AR anti-reflection, AF anti-fingerprint, AM anti-microbial, AS anti-shatter). The design of AM and AF allows users to touch the screen freely without worrying about leaving fingerprints, and the anti-microbial rate is 99%.

New Experience

Hassle-free workout at home

It has one-on-one professional instructor training courses and thousands of fitness courses with monthly updates. With AI technology, it can monitor and correct users’ movements and make them standardized. HiDong can also customize a personal training program for users. This is a perfect personal gym for everyone.

Fun family workout

Users can also choose a multi-person exercise mode and invite their friends and family to exercise together, they can also participate in challenges or play somatosensory games.

 Multiple control methods

The touchscreen technology allows users to operate the mirror with one simple touch. HiDong ProHa interactive fitness mirror can also be controlled by voice. The built-in voice control system allows users to select courses easily and hands-free. Try connecting a mouse to the mirror; you can operate it remotely.

Health monitoring

Users can also connect other fitness devices such as fitness bracelets or smartwatches to the fitness mirror to sync health data like heart rate with the mirror, thus avoiding cardiogenic damage and allowing us to exercise more safely.

Specifically, HiDong can provide scientific and customized guidance for the user’s training process, including physical data and fitness ability evaluation, formulation of private training plans, interactive coaching, analysis of fitness data, recording of training results, etc.

HiDong has more than 20 years of intelligent display development experience. They aim to make the mirror not only a home gym but also a beautiful and elegant home product. ProHa fitness mirror has the advantages of interactive, efficiency, and also strong privacy. The high-quality and high-volume content output, as well as the mature AI interaction, make it become the most trustworthy fitness mirror.


24mm ultrathin fitness mirrorAI monitor and correct movementplay somatosensory gamesvoice control fitness mirror

HiDong is a healthy life brand owned by HiDong (Hong Kong) Limited. It is created to help people reach their health and fitness goals. We aim to build a fitness community to connect you with your friends and family through our self-developed fitness mirror.
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