José Carlos Eiras Announces the Release of His New Book: Passion – Wit.


Passion  Wit

A Love And Laugh Journey From The Polar Circle To The Heat Of Rio de Janeiro.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Weston, Florida Jun 18, 2022 ( – José Carlos Eiras An Accomplished Technology Management Author Is Launching His First Fiction Book, Passion & With, A Collection Of 37 Unique, Enticing and Exciting Stories.

The book is available in two language editions: English and Portuguese.

Stories take place all over the world and are a mix of personal experience, culture, history, humor, and fiction, sure to delight everyone. A book like no other I have ever read, early readers claim.

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Early readers’ praise:


It is so much fun to read:). All of the short stories are very different. The story about being pulled by sled dogs to an ICE hotel in Sweden is so very funny:). The book makes the reader want to hear more stories from the author:). What a treat!!!

Brent O’Hern


This book is amazing. It is nothing like I have ever read before. It is funny even hilarious, entertaining, thought-provoking, adventurous, educational, mysterious, and even sensual. Every night I could not wait to continue reading more. It does not have bloody stories or horrifying murders, what it does have are excellent stories that you try to figure out whether are true or not true, did this really happen or is it made up by the author. It makes you feel good when you are ready to go to sleep. I highly recommend it to all people who like to read and yes to all people who hate to read. Try it you will like it. Definitely 5 stars



I really enjoyed the stories. Entertaining and educational. Like having lunch with a friend with interesting engaging conversation. Get the book! A break from all the nonsense going on in the world these days…”

Jim Sharon



I enjoyed this excellent collection of short stories. My favorites, so far, are “Tico,” “Earthquake,” Influencer” and “Dona Zinha.” True to the book’s title, author José Carlos Eiras delivers engaging narratives of love, wisdom, and family adventures. He blends the cultural traditions of South America, Europe, and North America to produce a truly unique and warmly entertaining style of expression. Bravo, and nicely done!

Mike Barlow


About the Author

José Carlos Eiras, the author of the business and technology book “The Practical CIO” A Common Sense Guide For Successful IT Leadership, wrote several children’s books for his granddaughters and now is venturing into writing short stories.

He was born and raised in Brazil, lives in Florida, and has previously lived in New York, Sydney – Australia, Madrid – Spain, and Windsor – England. He has traveled, both for business and pleasure, to every continent across the globe except Antarctica, which he plans to visit soon.

His career as a Global Executive for several Fortune 500 companies allowed him to see the many facets of the corporate world and introduced him to several different cultures and a variety of individuals and characters. This is incorporated in Eiras’s versatile humanity, empathy, and unique view of the world.



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