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Celebrate this World Music Day With Music Promotion Club’s Huge Discount Offer


World Music Day Special 15 Discount on Soundcloud Promotion Packages

World Music Day is coming soon on June 21. Considering this joyous moment, Music Promotion Club is offering a huge discount of 15% on SoundCloud promotion package. The offer will be staying from June 20 till June 25.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Florida City, Florida Jun 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The leading music promotion company Music Promotion Club is celebrating this auspicious moment of World Music Day with all the music artists around the globe. World Music Day is celebrated on June 21 and this agency has decided to offer a huge discount offer to celebrate the whole week with the music artists. The emerging music artists are able to get a 15% of discount with this latest offer on each of the promotional packages. The discount offer is starting from June 20 and will be valid till June 25 to empower everyone. Within this period, every package can be purchased by spending a nominal fee only.

Music Promotion Club is a reliable name in the field of music promotion and market, based on SoundCloud. There are numerous aspiring and independent music artists on SoundCloud who are looking forward to gaining organic exposure. This agency can provide that with its highly effective SoundCloud promotion packageThere are a total of four amazing packages offered by this agency namely Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack, Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack, Soundcloud Promotion Package, and lastly the Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package. The marketing packs cost only $59 to avail of once and on the other hand, the promotion packages cost only $110. With the latest discount offer for World Music Day, the artists can purchase these packages at a 15% discount which reduces the cost. This is a golden opportunity for every music artist on SoundCloud to pave a fruitful career ahead. 

The Soundcloud Marketing Starter Pack is a perfect fit for beginners in the industry. It offers 2 hours of daily social sharing along with ample social buzz on the social media platforms. The artists are able to get around 10K+ plays worldwide with an increased amount of web traffic and online engagement. Music Promotion Club utilizes the benefits of content marketing and offers Paid Press Release writing and distribution and Music Blog creation as well, included in the package. A keyword is generated in order to offer more online visibility and better ranking on the search engine result page. The artists are able to repost their music among 350000+ SoundCloud followers. A custom Banner is also generated absolutely free of cost. Such an amazing starter pack is what every music artist needs to improve their presence, popularity, and listener base. The dedicated workforce of this agency works round the clock to offer 24*7 email support.

Similarly, the Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack also offers these beneficial features however with a greater magnitude. This is a weekly recurring subscription-based plan. Thus, music artists are able to promote a new track every day. This pack is highly recommended for the artists who are looking forward to gaining an exponential amount of popularity within a short duration. Soundcloud Promotion Package is slightly different as it offers daily 4 hours of social sharing, social buzz, video creation, email marketing, and many other beneficial aspects. In this case, the artists can get a Music review as well in content marketing. The company can also take of event promotion if there is any. Featuring similar attributes to a subscription package, the Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package is the ultimate premium package that can captivate everyone. Music Promotion Club‘s latest discount offer is allowing all the music artists to take an advantage of all the aforementioned packages at 15% less price.

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Music Promotion Club is a leading name in the field of SoundCloud music promotion. This agency is well renowned for empowering music artists with its reasonable and highly effective promotional packages. Find out more about their services at https://musicpromotion.club/.

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