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Providing an extensive range of licensed home lifts at an affordable price – suitable for homes of all sizes – Elite Elevators Corporation is the number one choice for Australians.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Australia Jun 20, 2022 ( – Melbourne, Victoria – Gearless, Cog Belt and Hydraulic: Compact Design Home Lifts.

Elite Elevators Corporation is Australia’s leading home lifts company. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, it offers an extensive range of home lifts catering to the requirements of compact homes, townhouses, villas, apartment buildings, and luxury estates. Manufactured in Pisa, Italy, and engineered by German experts, Elite Elevators Corporation uses state-of-the-art technology to create gearless, cog belts, and hydraulic lifts that offer compact and flexible installation options. The company supplies and installs home lifts, exclusively manufactured to meet clients’ needs. They pay attention to detail and offer innovative designs to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With reliability and safety at its core, Elite Elevators Corporation has gained immense popularity, making it the leading supplier of home lifts in Australia.

Elite Elevators Corporation is renowned for the ‘H200 – The Most Adaptable and Versatile Home Lift.’ The H200 Compact Design Home Lift is powered by a hydraulic drive system and is the perfect choice for every home in Australia. This home lift comes in various sizes and configurations, making it a customizable option that can be installed indoors and outdoors in compact homes, townhouses, estates, and apartment buildings. The H200 can be installed in new or existing masonry shafts or with its patented metallic lift shaft technology. It is the most popular model among Home Lifts in Melbourne. H100 and H300 lifts are other considerable options to look for at Elite Elevators Corporation.

H100, H200, and H300 home lifts have similar key features, making them the most reliable home lifts in Australia. Some of the features are:

  • Elite Elevators’ home lifts come with a built-in motor that ensures a noise-free, smooth ride without jolts generally experienced in a conventional lift.
  • They are easy to install as they come mostly assembled. It only takes a few days to be installed at home.
  • A few models have a special greaseless rail system where the hydraulic drive requires no oil or grease lubricant to operate effectively.
  • They are power-efficient, operate on a standard single-phase power, consume no power while descending, and use minimal power when compared to a conventional home lift.
  • Elite Elevators Corporation has a no-compromise policy on the certification of home lifts. Every home lift is SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) certified.
  • The home lifts are customizable to cater to the varying needs of clients.

Australians trust Elite Elevators Corporation for superior quality and design at an affordable price. The team behind Australia’s leading home lifts company shared: ‘The products Elite Elevators work with are designed and manufactured by TK Access Solutions in their factory at Pisa, Italy and are certified by the independent body TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD certification ensures that the products comply with stringent European safety standards, guaranteeing peace of mind for our clients.’

Elite home lifts are an attractive and luxurious addition to the home’s beauty and a great way to install an access option for multi-story homes. The value of a home is increased, and convenience is ensured with a home lift from Elite Elevators Corporation. Both newly built homes and existing ones can have it installed. Additionally, the experts at Elite Elevators assist clients in comprehending the necessity of a licensed home lift. An expert sales, operations, and technicians’ team assist every client to ensure that everything they receive is perfect and that the product is delivered on time and is according to their requirements. Their 24/7 customer care team promptly caters to the queries of clients.


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Elite Elevators Corporation is a home elevator company based in Victoria. Servicing homes across Australia, we provide a range of residential elevators that are suitable for everything from small homes to townhouses, villas, apartment buildings and luxury estates. We utilise the latest in home elevator technology, including gearless, Cogbelt and hydraulic elevators that offer compact and flexible installation options
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