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Australian Artist Mehrad Nasr Brings Out The True Beauty Of Love With His Intimate One-Line Drawings


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Melbourne, Australia Jun 21, 2022 ( – One-line art is one of the most creative forms of art in the world. It may sound simple, but creating an entire picture with just a single line is nowhere closer to simple. Australian architect-turned-artist Mehrad Nasr has been creating the most exquisite and complex line art drawings for years. He has successfully captured various intimate moments shared by couples and two lovers using just a single line. He thoughtfully renders the complexity of life and showcases sensual themes with a simple line moulded into a beautiful picture.

The 32-year-old talented artist is driven by the minimalistic aspect of line drawing. He focuses on the love and relationship between two people and transforms what he sees into stunning drawings depicting a wide spectrum of true emotions. Interestingly, he leaves his intimate line drawings open to interpretation, letting the viewers translate them any way they want using their own vision and thoughts. Every single drawing tells a different story that viewers can relate to.

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It is amazing how Nasr can create such a complex and thought-provoking representation of human emotions and love with just one line. He curves each line in so many complex and innovative ways that he can create a whole picture that captures the fundamental essence of human life and psychology. The artist derives inspiration from almost anything. It can be the lyrics of his favorite song or what he sees during his daily morning walks. He has been deeply influenced by the works of Pablo Picasso and lesser-known line drawings.

Mehrad Nasr is an Australian architect who has been creating incredible line drawings for the past eight years. He exhibited his art both nationally and internationally during that time. Through his intimate line drawings, he tells different stories infused with his very own personal experience and symbolism. His drawings can be seen at Follow him on Instagram for more.


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