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TMDSuite Launched New Features for E-Commerce Store Owners to Drive Omni Channel Sales and Grow Their Businesses



TMD is an e-commerce application development company in India. TMDSuite is an online ERP & POS application that allows businesses to strengthen their e-commerce integration with POS, stores, and inventory management.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ludhiana, Punjab Jun 22, 2022 ( – TMDSuite is a set of software suites that has all the essential elements of a generic ERP system including multi-channel API and website integrations. Unlike all other ERP systems, TMDSuite is an ERP software solution that has all the modules necessary to run an omnichannel e-commerce store in today’s diversified business platforms.TMDSuite integrates all e-commerce platforms and websites through the use of APIs and lets an admin synchronize all orders and inventory thus keeping businesses updated with all the information under a single roof.

Most E-Commerce websites today are created using popular e-commerce frameworks and extensions such as OpenCart Extensions, PrestaShop Addons and Woocommerce plugins, and other open-source platforms. These websites are mostly independent and do not include any API integration for third-party ERP or CRM applications. So, there is a huge gap between websites and ERP software integrations. As these are two separate business solutions TMDSuite provides an impeccable platform to drive omnichannel business with ERP and website integration.TMDSuite helps Retailers and manufacturers integrate their online stores with their ERP systems.

This enables businesses to set up their inventory and warehouse management inside TMDSuite, utilize POS systems for Sales Management and also use configurable API to integrate various other platforms for their online e-commerce store these services include:

  • E-Commerce Store Development
  • ERP Development
  • POS Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Gift Card & Coupons
  • Third-Party E-commerce Platform Integration with TMDSuite
  • API Development

Advantages of eCommerce and TMDSuite reconciliation:

Cost and efficiency are one of the top advantages of TMDSuite. As you choose to couple your online store(s) with an ERP, the greatest issue that comes along the way is the expense. The difficulty generally lies in deciding a precise expense for the stock and warehouse and bookkeeping framework. Along these lines, we have improved on the issue of eCommerce and ERP integration cost and be just about as straightforward as could be expected where the benefits of using TMDSuite includes:

1) Manual passage and blunder decrease

Web stores produce many customer orders, requests, stock updates, and so forth It is a significantly monotonous work that demands a ton of effort. With TMD Suite you decline bumbles and cut personal time on account of a single spot of control. You enter data in your ERP and all of the stores are revived subsequently and logically.

2) Exact item data

Through one framework you’d have the option to synchronize everything, from stock levels, following and delivering keeping up with predictable item information across all business channels. Bunches of lost deals happen as a result of excess item information, be it accessibility in stock or significant estimating. Joining different stores under TMDSuite additionally handles this issue.

3) Keeping clients happy

Customers are more likely to browse a website when item accessibility and pricing are UpToDate. But most of them are disturbed when an item is not found or there is a lack of details or pricing of the products in-store. Ease, clear thing information, stock nuances, and demand following are what keep people getting back to your store. However, with resource organizing systems such as TMDSuite, you can educate customers concerning available products in your nearby store which helps omnichannel delivery of products and sales.

4) Better administration

With TMDSuite stock administration is more straightforward inside eCommerce and ERP reconciliation.  You can work deftly with different online stores and business focuses, dealing with more prominent degrees of fame if there ought to be an event of arrangements advancement. With such a planned structure, all specialists/divisions see the right data. This speeds things up, as information is invigorating continuously. Additionally, ERPs offer various arrangements and money-related reports, so association owners can deal with overall business better.

5) Full client information

Key individual information of buyers is taken care of by TMDSuite, including name, sex, address, etc Particularly in structures that unite CRM modules (customer relationships on the board). In certain cases, there may likewise be information on sales orders, input/surveys, and most loved things. Etc. Likewise, even adjoining such customer responsibility data, you get shopping history: cash spent, requesting, returns, organization requests, etc

With TMDSuite you can consistently coordinate stores based on OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Also, we are at present dealing with adding more joining channels.

With the present-day majority of online commercial centers, the future for retailers lies in incorporating their stores with a focal ERP framework. This implies directing business capability and, most importantly, smoothing out each interaction. TMDSuite business ERP reconciliation ensures 100% right information and handling orders on schedule. Everything from request information and costs to stock and sales is dealt with within one framework.

About TMD:

TMD is one of the leading names for e-commerce plugin developments for OpenCart, PrestaShop, WordPress, and Shopify. Under the umbrella of TMD Software Pvt. Ltd., the organization has multiple project divisions such as e-commerce, SaaS, web design, web development, modules, and plugin development. TMD has made its mark both as a Partner for various E-commerce Platforms and web development.  



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TMD is an IT Software and E-commerce Design and Development Center in India
[email protected]
#86, Bala Ji Estate, 33 Feet Road Mundia Kala, Near Chandigarh Road,

+91 8437772990


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