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Jae Shik Emerges as The New Music Icon with His Latest Track ‘In The Summertime’


Jae Shik

Jae Shik has come out with his latest track, ‘In the Summertime’. Musically groovy and lyrically fun, the song has all the elements to buzz in the music atmosphere

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Seattle, Washington Jun 26, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – With the combination of indie and pop music, the artist Jae Shik has come out with his latest track, In the Summertime. The song exhibits the artist’s deep understanding of music. Accompanied by the fusion of organic and electronic instruments, the song has impressed all kinds of listeners. Contemporary digital beats and instrumental arrangements provide a blissful summer vibe to audiences. Moreover, the track is faultlessly engaging due to the artist’s impressive vocal leads.

The track is musically multilayered, uplifting, and engaging. It connects the listeners with natural and infectious hooks. The genuine pleasure is to let the song play and get drenched in its groove. The soft revealing storytelling approach of Jae is another impressive aspect of the song. The energy of electronic instruments and pop vocals has created- a musical euphoria- enjoyable and buzzing. The lyrics are cool and modern. The rhetoric and techniques used in the lyrics have increased the quality of the overall craft and given it a rich and rounded structure.

 Made for the youth, the pop mixed indie track will impress the listeners with its ability to engage them and bring them to the dance floor. His other tracks, ‘Underwater’, ‘Gone Forever, ‘You Make Me feel’, and ‘With You’ are great to give a try. Like all the other songs, this song also has all the elements to buzz in the music atmosphere. So, listen to his track ‘In the summertime’ by Jae Shik. To know more about the versatile artist and new youth icon Jae Shik, follow him on Instagram.

Listen this Song on Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/5a4Ouw3BdW2u45k7DJQg1Q

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