Radio legend Rob Lee buys popular USA Energy Beat radio station and rebrands Hottest Hits


Founder CEO Rob Lee


(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Jun 24, 2022 ( – Former Hottest Hits Radio CEO Rob Lee buys popular USA radio station Energy Beat and brings it to the UK rebranding former Hottest Hits to Energy Beat

Energy Beat Radio is a Dance, Club, and upbeat digital radio station broadcasting globally originally from California in the United States of America

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Rob Lee sealed the deal last weekend and acted swiftly to rebrand Hottest Hits to Energy Beat

Energy Beat Radio CEO Rob Lee said, “I already had small shares and I love the name, however when I found out that the station was in financial difficulty in the US, I swept in and brought the brand out to bring it to the UK as I know it is already very popular in America and I know it will be also here and elsewhere”

Energy Beat is now on air

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