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The Proliferation of Consuming Musicality is Anahnumus’s One of the Best Skills That He Has Showcased Vividly



From Electronic to hip-hop to soul, Anahnumus has combined these three significantly different genres and combined them into his musical craft. Listen to his songs now.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Universal City, Texas Jul 5, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Being overwhelmed by various intense forms of musicality, Anahnumus made sure that his fans can experience the same power of music through his songs. Nothing can be more beautiful than understanding the vastness that music can offer. ‘Neva Been’ is a beautifully narrated song performed brilliantly by him and co-performed by Compc. And the song was written by David Vincent Avalon, Rashaad Compton. This song was produced by Undastreet M.E. But, he has been a producer for a long time but now he is working with Undastreet.

Another of his gripping tracks ‘Unuthr Uz 2 B‘ which was produced by him has also gathered avid appreciation from fans from all over the world. This was co-performed by Kampayne and was written by David Avalon and Undrae Fairley. You will fall for the song the very first time you witness the track and will be triggered to play the song in loops. Anahnumus can cast the charm with his multi-genre tracks and consume you with its brilliance.

He was introduced to hip-hop back in 2005, and after spending almost twenty years in this music industry he has the knowledge that you must be looking for in a fresh track. Some of his popular tracks that you can catch are ‘Quite Nite’, ‘Neva Been‘, ‘Swang of Thangs’, ‘Blindfolded’, ‘Make’em Pay Attention’, ‘Tittle Bout’, and ‘Unuthr Uz 2 B’. Being said that, be ready for his upcoming full-length album titled ‘America’s Nobody’. Till then listen to these mentioned tracks on Spotify and groove all day along with him. Apart from that, you can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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