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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 11, 2022 ( – The latest publication of the ‘Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden’ is truly the best companion for children in kindergarten. Author Sheila C. Duperrier has masterfully crafted this beautiful book for children that can teach them. Entertain them as well as guide them on a good path by instilling kindness and all the other good values in life. The book has been published recently on June 23 this year and the currently being recommended by the best kindergarten students around the world. The book is currently available on Amazon for purchase both in kindle edition and paperback. The parents can visit and purchase the book right away. The Reina Series is definitely the best treat for teaching budding minds.

Being a former kindergarten teacher at the Institution Nouvelle Source, Port-au-Prince, Sheila is an active educator who is bringing a difference in the idea of education. She is also a mother to a four-year-old child and she is well aware of how children of this age need a sensible idea of teaching. As the children are getting exposed to a variety of information while dangers of social media surround them, The author has tried to offer them a colorful essence of life through her latest book ‘Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden’.

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Reina is the main character of the series who will the teaching and interact with children of her similar age throughout this book. Other than moral values, the book also offers ample information regarding nature, butterflies, and other insects to make them aware of the ecosystem human belong to. Understanding the values of nature and life instills more humane attributes into the children and help them to become a better person in the future. Other than English, the book is also available in French, Spanish, and the author’s mother tongue Haitian Creole. It is filled with colorful illustrations designed by K.K.P Dananjali. ‘Reina Visits the Butterfly Garden’ is currently the best-selling activity book for children available in the market. Visit to know more. Follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for more updates.

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