Five Tips From the Best Barber in NYC to Receive a Great Haircut


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Jul 12, 2022 ( – In the Upper East Side lies the groovy yet upscale barber shop, Artisan Barber. When a client walks into the establishment they will be greeted by talented barbers waiting to give them the haircut they deserve.

The best barbers in NYC will do their part to make sure customers leave the shop satisfied with their new look, but there are a few things clients can do to make the process smoother.

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Artisan Barber’s very own Will Rodriguez shared a few tips on how to ensure a great haircut when visiting this premium barber shop in New York City, or any other barbershop.

  • Arrive a few minutes early for the appointment. This gives ample time for an introduction between the barber and client and allows the client to hang up their jacket and other items. This ensures that the haircut isn’t rushed.
  • Clients should have a basic idea of the style and length of their desired haircut so that they can explain it to their barber. Pictures are great but a brief description of how the client wears their hair and how long since their last haircut it’s been is more than enough information. A good barber will be able to transform those details the client gives into the best men’s haircut in NYC.
  • Clients should stay off their phones. The barber needs to be able to speak with their client about the steps involved and prompt them when to adjust their head for different techniques. Treat the service like a doctor or dentist appointment, the barber’s literally performing surgery on their client’s hair!
  • Customers can feel free to ask questions or add suggestions about the length or minor details that they prefer during the service. For instance, they can say: “I like my sideburns shorter” or “I prefer my bangs longer.” This type of interaction is encouraged and involves the customer in the process.
  • Customers should tip the barber and let them know if they’re satisfied with the finished They do not need to be shy to ask for adjustments at the end of their appointment. If the haircut isn’t exactly what they envisioned, a few finishing touches can perfect the desired hairstyle.

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charlie mccoy oyekwe best barbershop nyc

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