‘The Metaphysical G-D In Relation To His Creation’ By Dr. Denise Gotautis Is A Must-Read For All


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 13, 2022 ( – Being a part of humanity, every being in this world is part of the creation and Dr. Denise Gotautis is embracing that feeling through her latest publication ‘The Metaphysical G-d in Relation To his Creation’. The book is skillfully crafted and it questions the vital questions of existence and living. Emphasizing the aspects of spirituality and eternal healing, this literary creation is capable of empowering the readers by opening a new path in life. The exquisite subject matter and the author’s special skills didn’t fail to win the hearts of millions. It is currently reigning on Goodreads with a 5-star and is also available on Amazon for purchase.

The book is oriented on ‘Tikkun Olam’, a Jewish term that is referred to world healing and making it a better place by understanding one’s own self along with others. The subject matter reflects that people are a part of this huge dimensional and extradimensional creation and it allows finding a relationship with the all-powerful G-d. There are various aspects of spirituality and religion that help the readers find their true selves along with the relevance of this life and existence. The book is truly an inspiration and can be considered a self-help book as well since it helps to pave the way towards eternal peace. The author has offered complete guidance to make the right approach in order to look for what is beyond.

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Being a metaphysician and a philosopher herself, Dr. Denise Gotautis has intricate knowledge in the field and she is determined to spread that knowledge among the mass readers with her latest book, ‘The Metaphysical G-d in Relation To his Creation’. Other than being a prolific author, she also hosts a podcast on Blog talk radio as well as shares much content on Facebook and YouTube about Modern Judaism and society. Her philanthropic deeds and charitable works also helped many people to grow. Get to know more about this author and her best-selling book at


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