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Rick Denzien wins heart with his charming voice, soft melody, and heart-warming lyrics in the song ‘We Are One’


Rick Denzien

Singer-Songwriter / eco-warrior Rick Denzien has shown his innate passion and enthusiasm for alternative acoustic rock music. The song ‘We Are One’ radiates musical vibes you won’t forget.

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Ambler, Jul 17, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Blissful summer vibes of alternative rock with the essence of modern Soul music are found in the latest track from Rick Denzien
We Are One. Rick Denzien is the producer, recording, mix engineer and vocalist on the newly released Radiate album  We Are One‘, brilliantly crafted, woven together with precision and passion. This song mesmerizes listeners with its melodic charm and enchanting lead vocals.  Rick is very adept at composing music and lyrics, a vividly noticeable fact on this song, along with others on the ‘Radiatealbum.  His songs are full of life, romance, loss, and faith which is almost impossible to escape on this 15-song album. We Are One is undoubtedly one of the best tracks of this year so far.

We Are One has major production value too, the song rich and rounded in every respect.
Rick Denzien’s endeavor to give his fans unique songs is consistent throughout the release: 
‘One Day in the Rain, More, I Don’t Need Nobody, and deep cuts like Far Below are equally impressive.   All his songs reflect his great passion for music and dedication to craft.   Especially in is time of uncertainty, Radiate is the perfect album for healing and activism. The lyrics are catchy, bold, many times matter of fact, but always link to the true emotion behind the songs.

Outside his sensory vocals and music is one of the most impressive aspects of the song:  its lyrics, which are mind blowing.  He generates a soft emotion of love through the language of his words, making the song(s) artistically complete and these elements make it easy to connect the listener with his detailed craftwork.

Equally impressive, Rick made this song and album mostly with solar power and tours exclusively with his zero-emission electric vehicle also powered mostly by solar.

On other occasions, Rick Denzien is a studio producer, co-songwriter, co-performer for a wide range of other artists; even appearing on rap recordings.

Rick produced & co-wrote the Lyra Project’Goddess album with songs ‘Ordinary Girl’ and the sensuous ‘Goddess’ song with partner Debra Lee.  She sings lead vocals and is the better half of this power duo, Debra Lee contributed heavily on backing vocals & some co-writing for ‘Radiate’.   Rick’s  songs have also been covered by other artists like Michael G. Ronstadt on his Foolish Fox album.

SO, listen to the song on Spotify. To know more about the phenomenal artist Rick Denzien, follow him on FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitterWikipedia, and the official website.

Listen this Track on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/51yFzLVq4PRO3yTsVII9Zy
Links to other top services: https://songwhip.com/rick-denzien/radiate2022

Track 15 Credits:
‘We Are One’
Words & Music By: Rick Denzien
Drums: Andy Kravitz
Bass: Kjell Benner
Lead Guitar: Allen James
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals: Rick Denzien
Backing Vocals: Debra Lee
Recording Engineer, Mix & Mastering Engineer: Rick Denzien
Photo: Lauren Lyons
Label: Slot-1

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