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The future is in job-ready Co-op Courses or its equivalent for any student in South Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Far East who want to study Europe, UK, and North America, or they will face job challenges at a later date

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Jul 17, 2022 ( – The future of education in the post covid world is moving towards ‘Completely’ job-ready learning programmes. Whether it is an MBA, MSc, or even graduate courses like BBA, BSc., or other degrees, the days of learning without being ‘Completely’ job ready are over. When we mention ‘Completely’ job ready, we mean that the students who finish courses in the future should be almost 95% ready to seamless fit into the job market. This is not happening worldwide with students across the world being only 50-60% job ready after they finish courses, leading to major challenges in getting jobs.

Truman Academy, (a Partner of the Contramind group), specialises in Degrees, Diplomas, and Educational products from Europe, the UK, Canada, and the US. It offers these courses and products to its own network in South Asia, the Middle East, particularly the Gulf region, and Africa. Truman’s network in these regions consists of Universities, Colleges, Institutions, and Companies that work with Students.

However, in the Post Covid world, job opportunities face major challenges around the world. In Europe, Canada, UK and the US, there are expected to be over 40 million job vacancies in the next decade. On the other hand, in regions like South Asia, Middle East, Africa and East Asia, there is an enormous population of the highly skilled students population who are facing employment challenges. These challenges are expected to become worse over the next decade as these countries recover from covid. A lot of these students could address these job vacancies in the Western Hemisphere – if they are trained to be job ready!

This is where the future lies. In Courses which offer job-readiness. These are courses like Co-op Courses offered in Canada, where a student studies for 10 months and works for 10 months for their Diploma. A lot of Canadian institutions offer Co-op courses where a student can do part-time work during his degree. However the best Job ready courses are those that do full-time work as part of their Diploma for at least 50% of the course time. The UK has similar courses in terms of Apprenticeships, but they are not yet as well structured for International Students as Canada in terms of working hours allowed for student work. Europe, particularly Germany has always had excellent apprenticeship programmes, but they are restricted by language. The US also has Co-op programmes, but the visas are not as flexible and encouraging as those other countries. Canada has gone a step further. It offers Companies Tax benefits for hiring Co-op students, a move which will ensure they will get the best skills from the worldwide pool of students.

Truman Academy looks at working with its network to ensure that students in these regions get opportunities for Co-op courses and Apprenticeship based programmes. In 2022, over 2 million students from Asia, Middle East, Africa and East Asia are expected to move to the US, Canada, Europe and the UK for further studies. However, Co-op’s and Apprenticeship courses are only 10% of the intake. These programmes are in areas of major job vacancies in these regions like Hospitality, Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics, so they offer great opportunities compared to other traditional courses. In fact, it is estimated that in the next decade, over 60% of the students will have to transition to Co-op courses/Apprenticeships as they will be the only areas where there will be job vacancies. 

This is the future. As studying in these regions is very expensive for students from the East, it makes sense to invest in education that offers higher job opportunities. Co-op Study Programmes and Apprenticeship based programmes offer these opportunities. It is a direction that all are moving towards, and those (Institutions, Companies and Students) who are addressing this now, will benefit tremendously as the world automatically progresses in this direction, as they will have a first mover advantage and enhanced credibility. 

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