With a Canada e-Visa Now You Can Stay Up To 90 days


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Vancouver, British Columbia Jul 25, 2022 ( – A Canada visa is absolutely essential if you are willing to travel to the country. Now Hong Kong citizens and Japanese citizens also can enjoy fast entry to Canada with this e-Visa. To apply for the visa you have be at least 18 years old and have three essential requirements first is a passport to your name, an email id, and a credit card. Before you learn about the details to apply for the visa you must know that this will support short tours, business tours, and transit visits. If you are flying to Canada for any other cause then you must apply for a relevant visa. Canada Visa For Japanese Citizens will allow 90 days of stay with a validation period of 5 years. Know more here

The Canada e-Visa program was approved in the year 2012 but it took 4 years to develop and the process became available for people in 2016. The entire process is extremely easy to follow and can be completed within 5 minutes. First, visit the website and click on the application link. Then fill out the form offered on the carrier page. Once you are done with the filling you have to pay for the visa using your credit card in your preferred currency. You will not have to visit any Canadian Embassy or consulate. You can click on this link if you are willing to opt for a Canada Visa For Hong Kong Citizens.

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They have offered a completely secured website that will take care of privacy. The details that you have to provide will include Passport details, Contact details, and Employment details. Along with some personal details like first and last name, gender, date, and place of birth, marital status, and country of citizenship will also be required for this application process. And you have to put your email address to verify. This visa will not allow a health visa so you have to keep good health while traveling to the country. Though if you are willing to visit Canada to meet an ailing person then this will help but you have to maintain good health while arriving in the country.

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