Witness the Interesting Journey of Saige in the Young Adult Fantasy Novel ‘Selestria’ by Sarah Day


Selestria by Sarah Day

The journey of Saige elaborated in this book by one of the most gripping writers Sarah Day, will make fall in love with this character, and embark upon this journey to ‘Selestria’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Maryland City, Maryland Jul 26, 2022 ( – Being a vivid reader Sarah Day has always wanted to craft this story and publish it since she was a young child. She has released three books in the Selestria franchise by far all of them revealed a bit more about this out-of-world planet named Selestria. This story focuses on Saige and her claim to the throne of another world, Selestria. The inhabitants of this planet possess greater powers and Saige has to learn about various factors. By the time she reaches eighteen she comes to know that her sister who was to former queen has been kidnapped and deemed dead to the public. And now Sarah is forced to sit on the throne and rule the Alev Kingdom, about which she barely knows anything.

Just when she is becoming the queen that her citizens need, she discovers that the royal families of this world are competing with each other to seize the power for themselves dethroning her from her place. Sarah has shared that she has grown up writing this story and the story has matured as she grew up making the world more compelling to read. The writing quality is great and the way she has described this new world and the ground rules are very engaging. Once you start reading this book it becomes unputdownable. She has made sure of that. This book has two more parts second part is ‘Selestria, Betrayal Of Love’ and the third part of the book is called ‘Selestria, Battle Of Alev’.

Publishing this book has been one of her most cherished dreams that she has achieved. And this has offered the readers of the book the opportunity to taste this kingdom of Alev. She is absolutely marvelous in her writing skills; Sarah Day will surely be the name written in bright letters for the books she has delivered by far. Her readers will ask for more of her intriguing writings in the future and will offer her readers to be a part of this unique world of ‘Selestria’. The book is available on Amazon and also on Amazon Kindle. And if you are willing to know about this author, then you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Read this lovely fantasy-based book ‘Selestria’ by Sarah Day:

Selestria by Sarah Day


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