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Magic Reveals Top Industries That Hire Magic Virtual Assistants


Since 2015 Magic has served 12 million virtual assistant hours to companies in various industries

(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, California Jul 31, 2022 ( – Magic is a flexible, on-demand workforce solution that’s shaking up how businesses outsource tasks. It’s powered by vetted, college-educated remote workers experienced in admin, sales, marketing, and customer support best practices. A fully remote Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital-backed startup, Magic can source, screen, and qualify virtual assistants to help scale business operations. For more information, visit today.


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Magic Inc. helps founders and entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a simple and economical way. Since 2015, the startup has served over 1.2 million virtual assistant hours to companies in different industries.

While Magic Virtual Assistants specialize in administrative, data, and research work; they are able to take on a wide range of tasks. They are the top 5% of college-educated remote workers who can be easily integrated into a company’s work process or team. 

Magic finds the top five industries that outsource tasks to dedicated virtual assistants:

  • Internet Software & Services (26.2%)

No-code membership platform Memberstack keeps up with growing demands with the help of a Magic Virtual Assistant to whom they can easily entrust sensitive data. Co-founder Duncan Hamra remarks, “Now that we know that it’s a possibility, every time a new problem comes up, [we ask] ‘Oh, can we solve this with Magic?”

  • Professional Services (14.6%)

Drawn by Magic’s convenience and simplicity, Interoperability Institute Associate Director Vincent Alessi can streamline his personal life and two businesses to accomplish everything he needs. He can effectively grow a remote team knowing that Magic can handle the hiring process.

  • Media (8.2%)

When VanNess Agency Founder Vanessa Hansen started her marketing firm, she wanted to create a healthy work culture. Magic helped her find a dedicated virtual assistant to boost their CRM, marketing, and administrative efforts. 

  • Healthcare Providers & Services (7.8%)

Magic was a game-changer for Ulmer Ventures. Our Virtual Assistants free up time so your team can focus on their most pressing tasks and deliver more for their clients. Kwame Ulmer says, “With a good assistant… we’re meeting our quarterly sales goals. So, I have 95% confidence now that we’re going to meet our sales goals [and] generate the revenue that I was targeting.”

  • Textile, Apparel & Luxury Goods (5.2%)

Santos Jewelry Founder Marilu Villanueva was having trouble translating her aesthetics into an online brand. She wanted to focus on conceptualizing and creating jewelry. With Magic, a qualified virtual assistant created Santos’ Facebook and Instagram stores utilizing short promotional clips, designing social media graphics and packaging.

Magic Virtual Assistants can take on different roles with services starting from $10/hour. 

Within 72 hours, clients can delegate tasks to a qualified virtual assistant according to their specifications. 

Build a remote team with Magic Teams 

As companies from different industries increasingly perceive the benefits of outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants, Magic works on providing a cost-effective approach to evolving with the future of work.


Clients can easily integrate the top 5 of virtual assistants into their work process or teamMagic Assistants can take on different roles and provide invaluable services starting from 10hour

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