Young Artists and Make-A-Wish International Turn NFT Art Into Wishes


Make-A-Wish International and NFT Kids Magazine
Launch a Year-long Partnership Powered by TOKNS

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Boston, Massachusetts Aug 2, 2022 ( – Starting on August 1st, for the first time ever, young NFT artists are partnering with Make-A-Wish International, along with Kids NFT Magazine and TOKNS, to grant wishes to children with critical illness throughout the international community. Make-A-Wish International anticipates granting over 17,000 wishes to critically ill children around the world this year.

Donors who help grant a wish will receive a “Tokn of appreciation” – a non-transferable NFT featuring artwork from one of the young artists at NFT Kids Magazine. This unique and one-of-a-kind NFT collection will be available exclusively to donations received through select crypto and traditional giving platforms. Visit for details and links to donate.

The free Tokn is minted to the Ethereum blockchain and held securely in a user-created Tokn wallet. It
can be viewed on marketplaces like OpenSea and proudly displayed on social channels as proof of
support. Ownership also unlocks access to the NFT Kids Magazine community and future NFT drops
made available through this partnership. The blockchain technology is powered by TOKNS, a platform
enabling issuers to recognize and reward users with NFTs using a new “Soulbound” standard recently
detailed by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. These NFTs are meant to be held forever and displayed
only by the person (Soul) who has earned them.

Claira Sozandge of NFT Kids Magazine said, “It is such an exciting time for young artists to create like
never before. We believe NFTs are a new avenue to help create awareness and change. We are beyond
excited to partner with Make Wish Foundation and Tokns to give an amazing opportunity for NFT Kid
artists to use their magic to help grant kids’ wishes worldwide. It’s a true honour beyond our wildest

‘The pandemic has fostered innovation for Make-A-Wish International – in wish granting and in
fundraising – and we already recognize the potential for the Metaverse and the NFT community to help
us reach every eligible child around the world who needs a wish,’ said Luciano Manzo, CEO of Make-A-
Wish International.

“Make-A-Wish International and NFT Kids Magazine are setting a new standard for engaging the NFT
community and recognizing supporters with this innovative campaign,” says Tokns founder Jamie
Tedford. “Providing donors with an immutable, non-transferable proof of support, has intrinsic value
well beyond the transactional nature of many NFT campaigns today.”

Featured Artists Include:
Big Deebook – An 8-year-old artist, leukemia survivor and inspiration.
Christopher Lyons- A 13-year-old future astronaut and NFT artist who works closely with NASA.
Eden – A 12-year-old artist whose creations celebrate female diversity and beauty.
Joey – The 14-year-old creator of the ‘Adventures of the Potato People’ who inspires joy and laughter.
Milo – A 9-year-old global phenomenon who will be featured at the first TEDx Youth Festival in Munich,
Rainbow Mosho – A 13-year-old NFT artist and author creator of the 1st NFT Kids Twitter Space.
Sevi Agregado – A 9-year-old fine art prodigy and the youngest featured artist at NFT NYC.
Teresa Melvin – A 13-year-old Animation pro and the youngest speaker at NFT NYC.
Unicorn Kid Chloe – A 7-year-old artist, published illustrator, and unicorn enthusiast.
Valeria – The 15-year-old creator of the GirliesNFT collection, which helped raise $30k for the Malala fund.

To donate and receive your supporter TOKN, please visit
today to make a donation and help change the life of a child living with a critical illness.
For more information about Make-A-Wish International, visit

Source :Tokns

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