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Next League Executive Board Selects Monroe Institute Program for the coveted EB1A Green Card aka ‘Einstein Visa’


Robert Monroe

Earn your coveted EB1A Green Card aka ‘Einstein Visa’ Card and Fulfill Your American Dream through Transformational Approach

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Phoenix, Arizona Aug 5, 2022 ( – The Next League Executive Board LLC, Phoenix Selects Monroe Institute Program Curriculum for Professionals Seeking the coveted EB1A Green Card aka ‘Einstein Visa’

The Next League Executive Board LLC, Phoenix today announced the selection of the Monroe Institute Program Curriculum ( as part of their training to help professionals become the best version of themselves and to secure the EB1A Green Card aka ‘Einstein Visa’ as prescribed by the US Government under INA 203(b)(1)(A) regulations.

The EB1A viz. Extraordinary Ability Green Card offers a special Lawful Permanent Residency (LPR) status for professionals who are particularly gifted in a certain industry. To be more specific, this kind of Green Card goes to those whose abilities are considered to be Extraordinary in the fields of athletics, education, science, art, and business. In order to get such a Green Card, one needs to establish that one’s ability is that of extraordinary heights and that one has risen at the top of one’s field of expertise. Anything from awards to high salaries in comparison to others – all of these can prove that one is worthy of receiving the highly coveted Green Card.

The Next League Executive Board LLC, Phoenix is on a Mission to help professionals become the best version of themselves and secure the EBA1 Visa by becoming Extraordinary in their own right.

It adopts the following three (3) phase approaches:

… Phase I: Prole Enhancement

… Phase II: Scaling Knowledge Base and becoming thought leader

… Phase III: Creating Outreach

The Monroe Institute, Virginia is the world’s leading education center for the study of human consciousness, and conducts various Programs to meet its objectives especially the Gateway Experience.  The Gateway uses the Hemi-Sync technique involving  Problem Solving, Patterning etc. to meet the desired objectives.

Allyn Evans, MBA, Executive Director and President, Monroe Institute said about the selection – “We believe our programs, specifically as it relates to our flagship Gateway Voyage program, can be used to help individuals meet their personal and professional goals by enhancing their intuitive knowing and focus.”

Ranjeet S Mudholkar, CEO, Next League Executive Board LLC thanking the Monroe Institute said that – “Having a right mindset is vital for any success, and this collaboration has the potential to tap the Extraordinary Ability in every professional who joins our program and becoming expert in their own right so as to become capable to earn the EB1A  Green Card. We are thankful to the Monroe Institute for creating this synergy which will help of millions of aspirants who are wanting to achieve their American Dream by becoming US Residents in an organized process which is based on their talents and expertise.”

For further details and/or to join the program kindly contact: [email protected]/      480-842-9290  /

Next League Executive Board LLC ( is founded by Ranjeet Mudholkar, who a recipient of EB1A Green Card viz. – ‘Einstein Visa’ is a Coach and he has been an Educationist throughout his life.

With over two decades of experience in managing professional assignments from managing one of the leading Business Schools in the world viz. Symbiosis Institute to being HR Head of an IT conglomerate and as the Vice Chairman & CEO of a leading Financial Institution, he has experience across various disciplines, from Education, Finance, Human Resources and Research. With over 500+ speaking engagements, he has been an established public speaker at well-renowned national and international events including International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), on Education, Financial Planning etc. impacting attendees across 180 countries.

With double masters in Finance and Global Management from Thunderbird School and Symbiosis and Hon. Doctorate in Economics, Ranjeet is an author with over 1000+ articles/research papers (cited), he is featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Times, CNBC as “Mr. Turnaround”, “Front Runner” and “Smart People”, by Times of India  (Aug 2000, readership-7.5 Mn), Business India (Nov 2004, readership-338,000), Business Standard (Oct 2004, readership-500,000) respectively.

Next League Executive Board LLC is on a Mission to help professionals become the best version of themselves and thus becoming extraordinary in their own right and achieving their well-being.

The Monroe Institute ( is founded by Robert Allan Monroe who was a radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness and he is also notable as one of the founders of the Jefferson Cable Corporation, the first cable company to cover central Virginia.

Assisted by specialists in psychology, medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, electrical engineering, physics, and education, Monroe developed Hemi-Sync, a patented audio technology that facilitates enhanced performance and it is used to help individuals to enhance their potential and meeting their personal and professional goals by enhancing focus leading towards the achieving their well-being.

Monroe Institute is internationally recognized education center by various global institutions including US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – which according to its declassified report on its website has confirmed that – “…There is a sound, rational basis in terms of physical science parameters for considering Gateway to be plausible in terms of its essential objectives. Intuitional insights of not only personal but of a practical and professional nature would seem to be within bounds of reasonable expectations…”.  Kindly refer the following website for details:


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