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The accession of Envirotech Ag Systems to Nebula Group: A pursuit to green automation


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Aug 10, 2022 ( – Nebula group is proud to announce the acquisition of the newest group member, Envirotech Ag Systems located in Winnipeg, MB, and Sioux Falls, SD, USA. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Nebula has made some significant progress within the last few years, and now it is expanding to bring more sustainability to agriculture, farming, and other industries. With the motto of food safety and food security, the group works on the latest and most advanced technology of Greenhouse and Grow Automation that can be integrated by other industries too. The company thrives with the mindset of constant innovation and makes sure to bring more affordable, local, and sustainable food opportunities crossing multiple industries, for this generation as well as future generations. Offering the modern tools of Grow Automation and Hydroponics Automation system, Poultry and livestock confinement systems, and agricultural water treatment systems for horticulture, poultry and livestock industry the organization is establishing a sustainable present to make way for a greener future.

Envirotech Ag Systems specializes in offering equipment and building solutions for livestock production across various regions of the USA and Canada. The company offers complete assistance along with environmental permits through its livestock feeding, watering, and ventilation systems based on each client’s need. The turn-key solutions are specially crafted to bring more sustainability to the industry. Over 200 livestock confinement systems for hogs and poultry have been developed by Envirotech over the last 11 years. The company provides supervision of equipment installers and tradespeople required for turn-key construction. Find out more at

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Nebula also owns Climate Control Systems. The company is well revered for offering technologically advanced greenhouse automation systems which help to gain maximum crop yield along with the highest water conservation and energy savings. Climate Control Systems helps farmers and greenhouse owners take one step forward to recycling energy and reducing overall consumption. As a result, the growers get to save time and money by integrating more cost-effective and efficient solutions. Find out more about its innovative projects at

With the latest acquisition of Envirotech Ag Systems to Nebula, a new ecosystem is emerging with an amalgamation of the horticulture market and livestock market. Therefore, the group is now capable of empowering both horticulture and livestock farmers with advanced and automated barn solutions. This will enable the company to create more single in-house design, manufacturing equipment, and, engineering and services for the farming industry.  

Hari Krithivasan, the CEO of Nebula, believes that the company can now serve global customers with more efficiency through these latest acquisitions. The company offers excellent customer service for customers worldwide. Get more details at


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