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GDCC Blockchain Virtual World Project, Global Digital City launches its own Utility coin, Bliss Token.


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 12, 2022 ( – Crypto to invest in this month: Bliss Token(BLISS)

There are always going to be new cryptocurrencies being launched while they are such a hot investment property.

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The popularity of the virtual world and virtual currency has exploded in the last few years and these digital investments have moved beyond currency to include art, sport, music, and entertainment.

While those established cryptos remain highly influential, sometimes there are new cryptocurrencies that manage to break through and make an impact that has not been seen in a long time, one such crypto is Bliss Token

 What is Bliss Token? Why would you invest in bliss and what are the use cases?

BLISS Token is an essential part of the GLOBAL DIGITAL CITY platform and GDC is working on establishing key mechanics that make it intrinsically tied to The GDC platform and its value. BLISS is a GDCC-20 utility token built on the GDCC blockchain that serves as the basis for transactions within GLOBAL DIGITAL CITY, and has the following uses: Players spend BLISS in order to play games, buy equipment, or customize their Avatar character–and can potentially collect BLISS Token through gameplay. Creators spend BLISS to acquire ASSETS, LANDS, and through Staking. LAND Sales drive demand for BLISS to purchase LANDS. Artists spend BLISS to upload ASSETS to the Marketplace and buy Gems for defining Rarity and Scarcity.


  • Staking – BLISS allows for staking, which allows for passive revenues on LANDS: you get more BLISS Token by staking it. This is also the only way to get valuable Gems and Catalysts, needed for ASSET creation. Fee Capture model = 5% of all transaction volume carried out in BLISS tokens (Transaction Fees) shall be allocated with 50% to the Staking Pool as rewards for token holders that Stake BLISS tokens and 50% to the DEVELOPMENT TEAM.
  • Advertising – Billboards nearby or in high-traffic land parcels can be used by brands to promote their products, events, and services. Some neighborhoods may become virtual replicas of New York city’s time square. Marketers can position items and create a shared experience in a way to involves their audience.
  • Digital collectibles -Users will be able to publish, distribute, and collect rare digital assets created by their creators on the blockchain. These digital assets will be exchanged inside this world using the programming system and backed by the aforementioned naming system much as they are now in other virtual worlds or via internet forums.
  • Social groups– Social groups that presently congregate in online forums, chat rooms, or even centralized multiplayer games could migrate to GDCC. It could also provide a gathering place for offline groups. Other use cases- What can be built in GDCC does not have any technical limitations. As a result, new applications such as training and professional development, education, 3D design, virtual tourism, and gathering may develop.

The hype surroundingBlisshas ramped up in recent weeks as numerous media outlets have begun reporting on their exciting project, proving its worth to the crypto community that it is one to stay.

Bliss is available now for presale, and anyone interested can purchase it on


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