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Promising Artist Nika Nikoubin’s Debut ‘Free’ Is A Perfect Pop Party Anthem


Nika Nikoubin FREE

Emerging star Nika Nikoubin’s latest single ‘Free’ is fun and energizing. This upcoming track can be considered as an amazing pop party anthem.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Lubbock, Texas Aug 13, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The sensation of the music industry, Nika Nikoubin is already making her mark in the world of pop music and her latest single ‘Free’ is the perfect proof of that. The song carries fun and quirky musical beats that are combined with well-versed and written lyrics that lift the moods of the listeners in one go. The talented new artist is on her way to making her position known in the charts and her latest creation has the ability to do so. The song ‘Free’ is a cover of the original track of the same name by Natalia Kills released in 2011. The lyrics contain materialism and obsession with shopping. As Nika considers herself a Shopaholic she will release the cover in the hope to connect to the fans the way she is on 5th September 2022.

‘Free’ is a kind of song that carries the fun elements of a true pop song. Nika recorded this particular song at Legacy Music group in Dallas Texas.  It has energetic guitar tunes, fun instrumental music, and refreshing melodies that make it almost addictive. It is giving the audience a whole new experience and creates a lively ambiance that is exceptionally pleasing to the ears of the song’s listeners. The melody of the song is kept catchy and simple, which showcases the young talent’s caliber as a composer. Paired with fresh and Zestful vocals, the song is rightfully taking the genre of pop music and party anthems to another level. The most amazing part of the song is that it still maintains the essence of the original song.

Drawing inspiration from pop icon and superstar Lady Gaga and the modern-day superstar of alternative music Billie Eilish, Nika Nikoubin is naturally gifted with impressive vocals, and extreme practice since her childhood made her singing ability even more brighter. Mixed with the thermal tone of Nika’s voice, funky lyrics, and the quirkiness of the composition, the song has already been capturing the minds of the audience. She has another single lined up for the near future titled ‘She Wolf‘.

You can listen to the song on every major music platform such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Itunes, Iheart Radio, etc. after it is released, and follow the artist on social media for further updates.

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