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The Era Of Metaverse Built by the People in Vorz


Vorz Metaverse

Vorz is racing with the giants to become the FAMGA of Crypto!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Aug 15, 2022 ( – Statistics show that the keyword Metaverse has been searched often recently on Google, Bing, & Yahoo which has grown significantly today compared to the previous year. It indeed garnered the attention of the people to become more interested in the metaverse in the year 2022. Meta, the company behind Facebook started to open its first NFT integration inside Instagram and more.

The world changed a lot in the digital vicinity that started from the dot com boom and is now into the metaverse tour de force. Some digital entrepreneurs think that today is the very chance to enter the space while it’s early but most are still speculating until today. Cryptocurrency started the re-opening of a new era, thanks to the power of Blockchain and the Internet of Things it is now programmatically and logically possible to build the metaverse economy ecosystem.

Vorz is derived from Verse of the MetaVerse and building something in the social media industry, which can allow every user to co-owned their content in the Entertainment Metaverse of vorz app, will surely spark another breakthrough of innovation for the future. Some speculators still think that the metaverse is far from today but it is already in the digital footstep of Blockchain along with its applications on, Web3, NFTs, IoT, Cryptocurrency, & Quantum Computing.

The project Vorz is a Metaverse socio-economic experiment as well using the art of decentralized and centralized concepts, to create and establish every metaverse of things, starting with its first semi-decentralized Vorz DApp. VorzTV is an entertainment metaverse for fun and opportunities that will allow everyone to become a star on their own shows. The vorz app also allows everyone to earn a living while enjoying life content as well. The Vorz is currently following the path of building with resources strategy to not fail, the reason for its ongoing pre-seed IDO in Polygon here, while doing an airdrop to mass adopt its token in-app utility cryptocurrency faster.

TikTok indeed had captured the heart of youngsters but more and more are pouring into the metaverse ecosystem as a whole seeking the FAMGA of the blockchain industry which are the following, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, & Apple of crypto. Vorz is a FAMGA social app that can be co-owned by the people through its DAO concept of decentralization while abiding with the centralized law. Statistics show that TikTok daily active users reached an outstanding 1 billion and counting while the valuation is estimated at $50B-$75B while its parent company ByteDance is at $300B. TikTok beats Facebook as the most downloaded and even takes Google down to become the no.1 website back in 2021, while it is also being used by the people as a search engine. Unfortunately, some country wants to ban such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, & India already done it because of National Security, children being observed, and more. Vorz has the potential to become that very alternative to TikTok when that unprecedented event happens.

Adding the technology of cryptocurrency and web3 in Vorz will surely allow the next generation to build the next killer social app that can be more fun while pushing the Blockchain Innovation dream of the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto’s first idea with the decentralized socio-economic experiment in Bitcoin.

In Vorz, people can earn by engagement from leveling up to referrals, and by buying VORZ tokens to reward and tipping the users on its app interface DeFi wallet. It will also boot its VORZ-powered NFT marketplace, and a Shopping area too for the users to sell their digital or physical products and NFTs using the native VORZ token as a sort of leverage in-app token. Vorz is observing the legal as well to avoid the most decentralized project problem and risks in the future. Vorz will surely be competitive in the metaverse market industry if it continues its momentum.

The Era of Metaverse is surely today. Vorz will pave the way to become one of the metaverse frontiers for tomorrow’s next generation creating another history.

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