Brandon Edward Pugh Is Hitting New Creativity Levels with His Music


50 Shots Beats

50 Shots Beats Is Hitting New Creativity Levels

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 16, 2022 ( – Brandon Edward Pugh, Globally known as 50 Shots Beats is spreading his musical charm by producing and composing all the enigmatic hip-hop soundtracks. This artist has garnered a lot of listeners from all around the world by giving his profound songs. Their well-versed lyricism and music of them have created a buzz among everyone. He has taken the level of the genre to another level and amplified it. He is an independent songwriter and producer. This artist has inspired a lot of listeners from all around the world with his songs.

Brandon Edward Pugh Hails from Los Angeles, California this artist has tried out various ways to make different kinds of tracks. He experiments a lot with his musical creations and adds a refreshing element to them. Their thematic and rhythmic music of them gets easily hooked to all audiences. All of them have the potential to linger on the mind of the listeners for a long time. His perfect way of composing the tracks has made them different from all the other musicians. It is his unique way of presentation that is helping him more to establish himself as an individual artist in the industry.

This artist has collaborated with various renowned artists in the music world. Some of them are Juice Wrld, Chief Keef, Pnb Rock, Snow Tha Product, Nicki Minaj, Drake, 21 Savage, and many more. With each creation, he came up with new kinds of things with have helped him to create a diverse collection of music. His soundtracks are not monotonous and that is what kept everyone hooked to them. Their groovy and captivating music of them has gathered a lot of ears in a brief span of time. He is a true example of a creative and hardworking artist who has tried every possible way to entertain the crowd.

50 Shots Beats has mesmerized everyone with his musical aura. Their lyrically and musically enriched songs of him have attracts listeners quickly and that is how he has created a solid fan base for his work. Currently, he is an established lyricist, composer, and music producer in the industry that everyone looks up to. All of his creations are made from different perspectives, which connects with the listeners more. His relatable approach is helping him to reach out to more audiences easily. The groovy music of them is encouraging everyone to hit the dance floor. Another thing about this musician is that he is a self-taught artist, which has inspired aspiring young artists more.  

This artist has given a lot of songs in his musical career. all of them are diverse in every core, some praiseworthy creations of him are ‘Evil Minded’, ‘Waves’, ‘Soulless’, and ‘My Heart & Soul’. These tracks are available on his official website, along with Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Visit his profile to listen to them. You can as well follow him on Instagram and Facebook to get all the updates on his upcoming projects.

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50 Shots Beats
Brandon Edward Pugh (50 Shots Beats) is an Independent Music Composer, A Major Publishing Entity & Founder/CEO of Callous Souls Records. 50 has Accrued more than 78 Billion Streams in Total from Mechanical & Compulsory Licensing Under the Section 115 Music Modernization Act.



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