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ESG investment has become highly valued in the real estate sector


Domenico Amicuzi Real Estate

(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Aug 16, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Domenico Amicuzi is an Italian real estate professional and has been dealing with development and expansion in the commercial real estate industry. Recently, he gave an interview to “Time Business News” on the topic of “Analysis of ESG challenges in the real estate sector“, he answered a few questions about ESG issues.

Where the first question from the host was about the importance of incorporating ESG issues that motivate real estate professionals to invest.

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In his answer, Domenico Amicuzi said, “ESG is not a new concept. Investment in socially aware securities goes back hundreds of years, most likely as far back as the 18th century. Today, real estate has a significant role to play in achieving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, such as affordable, climate-proof housing.”

In the next question, Amicuzi was asked why ESG investments have become more popular and what they mean for real estate. Against this question, he answered, “Many causes, in particular the growing awareness of the younger generation on environmental issues and the acceleration of climate change, have contributed to the emergence of ESG.”  

In the last question, he was asked, “What do you think is the near future of ESG in the real estate market?” He answered, “ESG investment has become highly valued by the customers. In fact, for 2025, record highs are expected for the sector. According to leading investment funds around the world, investment in the ESG is expected to make up one-third of all investment assets by 2030“.

This interview has shown that Mr. Amicuzi has got in-depth knowledge in this field.

The full interview is here: https://timebusinessnews.com/analysis-of-esg-challenges-in-the-real-estate-sector/

About Domenico Amicuzi

Specialized in real estate management and in real estate finance, he has a consolidated experience in real estate, having first worked as a real estate manager and real estate specialist, subsequently as a real estate development manager.

Since 2022 he has been an Associate Member of RICS and has been appointed chairman of the marketing committee of the Lions Club “Terra di Lavoro Reloaded“.

For more information:  www.domenicoamicuzi.it/en/real-estate-manager/about-me

Domenico Amicuzi
Real estate manager with a consolidated experience in Italian real estate market.
[email protected]



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