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High School juniors from Chennai develop a web app for cancer




… while learning concepts of a Product lifecycle and DevOps


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Laveen, Arizona Aug 6, 2022 ( – From genomics to therapies, and clinical trials to approved drugs, CancerStop is a web application that connects the user to various public databases and knowledgebases as it continues to bridge invaluable information from various sources. The list of cancers has also been expanded to 15 more cancer types including their subtypes and is being further expanded with plans to include more interconnected and indigenous features.

An in-built custom search app filters the web for information on somatic mutations and FDA package-inserts among other highly specific information used by cancer researchers and oncologists involved in precision medicine. This app alone gets hundreds of queries daily from various clinical variant-curators.

Developed by high school juniors Vedanth Ramji and Baladitya Muralitharan from APL Global School near Chennai, the students said they found it exciting to learn new concepts in cancer research while applying their finely honed computer skills. “The project allowed me 360-degree exposure to product design, software development, and Bioinformatics,” said Vedanth Ramji, a high school junior and one of the lead developers. He is also finishing a primer in Bioinformatics independently.

“Precision medicine is rapidly evolving into the standard pillar of treatment in the field of cancer therapy”, said Dr. Natarajan Ganesan, Ph.D., CEO, and co-founder of Queromatics, a nonprofit organization for science and technology. “Our plan is to connect established genetic mutations to precision clinical trials, and therapies tailored specifically for that purpose … and that’s just a start” continued Dr. Natarajan who has been a cancer researcher and scientist and is currently developing this project for school students as a part of their internship.

“I am excited to see such knowledgeable high school kids”, said Mr. Ganeshram Janakiraman, a Health-IT expert and one of the co-founders of Queromatics. “They have not only learned software development but have also understood the Development Lifecycle of a software product in that process …”, he continued.

The makers of the CancerStop app, Queromatics, have already had their app on the Google Play Store for quite some time. Now they have directly made it available to everyone as a web app through Queromatics is a network of researchers, physicians, and IT professionals dedicated to promoting research and innovation in natural and life sciences.

Options for general search and links to major portalsSample Cancer ListDeep dive into any selected type of CancerDedicated Custom Search app that filters the web for information on mutations and medical literature


Queromatics is a research nonprofit (501c3) that is dedicated to promote and advance scientific research and innovation in natural and life sciences.



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