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Shamir Jamal, An Emerging New Artist Releases the Fresh Track ‘No Patience’


Shamir Jamal

Feel the essence of true hip-hop with the fusion of well-versed rap in new artist Shamir Jamal’s fresh-released track ‘No Patience’

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- West Hollywood, California Aug 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The promising new artist, Shamir Jamal has released his latest single No Patiencewhich is filled with electrifying beats and catchy tunes. The track creates an upbeat vibe and a captivating experience that is making the listeners addicted to the song. In just a little bit of time, the track has gained thousands of listens on Spotify which the artist and his latest creation truly deserve.

With this track the artist, Shamir Jamal has taken the genre of modern hip-hop to another level and has brought out the true essence of hip-hop and rap music. The track is composed in an appealing way which starts with captivating beat drops. The song is filled with modern-day electrifying beats that are common in today’s hip-hop industry; however, the whole composition including catchy tunes took the song and its composition to a level of almost perfection. The syncopated bass that is used in this song combined with the electrifying; catchy beats is extremely satisfying to the ears of first-time listeners.

Besides the crisp and insistent composition of the song, the lyrics of the track are also well written, the well-written rap verses have given the track an episodic vibe that makes the listeners glued to ‘No Patience’. The composition paired with the lyrics makes the track a savvy gem of hip hop. The smart and heartfelt rap verses create an authentic ambiance for the audience.

The last addition to this near-perfection track, the artist’s confident and powerful vocal delivery adds just the ideal amount of crispness the song required. You can listen to the song on Spotify and for more updates, follow the artist on other social platforms.

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