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Howtobuysaas – A SaaS Marketplace, Reaches 100+ Vendors Selling Subscriptions Over It.


Leadership Team

With 100 plus vendors now selling with howtobuysaas, the business is growing even stronger with 650 SaaS businesses working as marketing partners with the business. Here’s what you need to know about howtobuysaas milestone success story and mission.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New Delhi, Delhi Aug 19, 2022 ( – Howtobuysaas is among the top Marketplaces in the SaaS industry. It has reached its 1st big milestone of onboarding its 100th SaaS vendor. Now there are more than 100+ SaaS businesses that are selling their subscription on this SaaS marketplace

Overall, the marketplace has 650+ SaaS listed on the website. Howtobuysaas is also known as HTBS among its people in the community. Currently, the business collaborates with some big names like PeopleStrong, OneBill, Squadcast, Consolto, Kovai, Zoho, Pockethrms, Pixpa, Proofhub, Omnisend, and many other similar and renowned SaaS products in the industry.  

Started in the year 2020 August by its founders Puneet Sharma and Snehil Prakash, they have scaled the platform completely through organic mediums. Later in early Jan of 2022, Gopal Kildoliya was invited to lead the business as their CTO.  The trio comes from a tech background and, working in SaaS industry marketing, got to identify the big problem of fear of building SaaS among smart minds in the SaaS developer community. 

So, they build this marketplace that allows a complete journey of selling SaaS. Any new developer or an established SaaS business can list their growing or established SaaS business subscription on this marketplace. This allows them to test their MVP with the high buyer traffic that exists in this marketplace. If the MVP gets a success signal from users, the SaaS owner can enjoy selling their subscription. What if they fail? Then, in that case,  howtobuysaas marketplace also has a separate business selling marketplace. They allow SaaS enthusiasts to buy SaaS businesses and also sell SaaS businesses if the SaaS Owner wants to take an exit. 

“We are planning to improve more on getting more buyers to our marketplace. It will promote more SaaS Development ideas to come into the industry” says Snehil Prakash, the CEO of techlthic solutions which is the parent company of Howtobuysaas. 

“Marketing geek has always been within me, especially when it comes to content-driven, and that’s how the SaaS industry is growing. We are cutting every corner to bring maximum value both for buyers and sellers of SaaS. Cloud Softwares is going to be there with us at least for the next 50 years until any other magic happens.” says Puneet Sharma, the CMO of techlithic solution and pioneering the howtobuysaas growth. 

“a Tech-driven industry is incomplete without a good tech-savvy platform, and that’s what I am focusing on right now.” Says Gopal Kildoliya, the man behind the tech experience on howtobuysaas as CTO, leading all projects running under techlithic solutions. 

Techlithic Solutions, the parent company of howtobuysaas has recently also launched its WhatsApp Marketing software which is still under beta mode. The business is working consistently to develop its own SaaS products to fill the void in this innovative industry. 

With almost 100+ vendors now selling with howtobuysaas for subscriptions directly on the platform, htbs founders are also heading towards their seed funding rounds. Recently being shortlisted for Shark tank season 2, waiting for final rounds, their heads are already held high with a clear vision. Though not very hyperactive about external investment, they are planning to jump over hyper growth to offer an amazing buying and selling SaaS to this billion-dollar industry. With so many new plans coming, the team is heading towards celebrating this year’s Black Friday SaaS deals with some big names again like last year. This is going to be an amazing win-win deal for both SaaS buyers and sellers. 

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Howtobuysaas is a SaaS marketplace that allows SaaS businesses to sell their subscriptions. It is also a platform to buy and sell SaaS businesses.



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