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S Coin may become the most valuable new cryptocurrency



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Seoul, South Korea Aug 20, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – GameFi derives from the words “Game” and “Finance.” As a hybrid concept, it blends the original purpose of having fun from the gaming experience while bringing the incentives of the gaming economy into the real world. The rewards, tokens, medals, badges, and resources earned by playing games can be used for decentralized digital ledgers and transactions on the blockchain, allowing players to passively make money from these games. In other words, if Bitcoin is the new gold, GameFi/P2E could be the next Apple or Amazon.

And as the new GameFi casual game industry star under the combination of Web3.0, SNAKE DAO is about to come out. Fusing decentralized finance and classic retro casual games brings a new era of gaming.

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First of all, what is SNAKE DAO? SNAKE DAO is a GameFi metaverse WEB3.0 vintage game that combines NFT, P2E, PVP, Tokenomy, and other game forms and ecosystems. The game format is built on the framework of the famous Snake-Eating game, breaking the barrier of subgenres, and incorporating skins, levels, and NFT snakes that can be reproduced and synthesized. Unlike other games, the SNAKE DAO development team wants players to have fun and find their childhood memories, so they only need to have a basic snake to enjoy the game. At the same time, the game will also give players free game times every day, that is to say, participate in the various activities held by the official SNAKE DAO, grab “airdropped snakes,” you can achieve 0 costs to join SNAKE DAO and earn game tokens.

S COIN is an official token issued by SNAKE DAO, which can use to buy a bronze snake, buy skins, synthesize high-level snakes, breed new snakes, etc. Depending on the “snake” function, it can also open a room, battle, and other game-related consumption. In addition, S COIN can also reward the guilds, competition rewards, etc.

So, suppose Cryptokitty and Axie Infinity are blockchain pet upgrade games. In that case, SNAKE DAO will be the non-card battle pet game that can blow up the next GameFi whirlwind. S COIN will rise from it, accompanying more players to hatch and synthesize in SNAKE DAO to become the shining star in cryptocurrency.

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