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The Acoustic Medicine Show takes the Audience to Brilliant Acoustic Heaven With their Majestic Soundscape


Pull on Through  Once Again by The Acoustic Medicine Show

New York-based band The Acoustic Medicine Show introduces the Country Americana lovers with a soundscape featuring an amazing rhythmic blend and refreshing lyrics.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Elizaville, New York Aug 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Music can make the listeners experience emotions that were buried deep down in their hearts. American music collective The Acoustic Medicine Show is making the world a little brighter and positive with their brilliant acoustic country ballads. The band has just released a marvelous heart-warming track, Pull on Through‘ that oozes upbeat rhythmic beats. The track reminds the listeners no matter how hard life gets and even if they lose their way in the process, they will always find their way back home and find happiness.

The dynamic musical group was established in 2010 by seasoned singer-songwriter Joe Tobin who has already written and recorded 6 albums with various artists. Inspired by the simple life of country living, he established the group aiming to create a powerful ripple in the music scene with their Country Americana instrumentation and perfect accords, and the fusion of jazz, folk, and blues. Another inspiring single from the group is Once Again. It conveys a sublime message to stay strong during the hardest times and overcome the obstacles in life with confidence. Joe Tobin has written the song using his own experiences and transforming them into eloquent and picturesque lyrics.

The musical group is based in Elizaville, upstate New York. Armed with their years of experience and genuine passion for the art, each member has been able to give out the best performance in their latest soundtracks, ‘Pull on Through’ and ‘Once Again’. The music created by The Acoustic Medicine Show is incredibly unique and soothing to troubling minds. Listen to their music on Spotify and follow them on Facebook for more news.

Let’s listen to The Acoustic Medicine Show’s new track only on Spotify: 

Pull on Through: https://open.spotify.com/track/1vi9l6VARMjDJL1UETq9D7

Once Again: https://open.spotify.com/track/6lD7mkPnwgfDfeikL4C6RH

Pull on Through  Once Again by The Acoustic Medicine Show

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