Viral Australian Rapper NNPC Claims “I’m one of the best since Iggy Azalea”


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Aug 24, 2022 ( – The newest addition to Australia’s music scene, NNPC is creating a buzz with the release of his latest single, “Prolly Know.” NNPC was born in Hobart, Tasmania, and began rapping and producing music at a young age.

“I’m going to be the best thing since Iggy to come from Australia, but at least I won’t forget my roots” is one of the small, brash comments new-age rapper NNPC had to say about his fellow stars that were birthed in his home country on an Instagram live-stream earlier this week.

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With little to no success via means of the mainstream, he said he is completely fine staying small “for now” as he keeps a steady rise of success on streaming platforms such as SoundCloud.

“People think that I should have more focus on mainstream outlets and radio, I know it will come. There’s no need to rush something that is bound to happen [inevitablely]”

NNPC is not flustered by Aussie rapping stereotypes of a harsh accent and “wannabe” American sound. He goes with the flow and makes whatever he is feeling like at the moment, be it a sad song or a song to bump just before you get to the gym.

A user asked what his goals were in a few years, to which he responded “I want to make my country proud, im from a small town and a relatively unknown country for producing quality musicians and hip-hop artists that people actually listen to all around the world”.

“ONEFOUR is great, but in a few years when those 12-year-olds grow up, they might finally realize listening to people who are really bout it, doesn’t make them bout it”

“Aussie music just isn’t my type of music, but I’m making music, which is my type of music, which is a broader audience type of music. Australia and beyond”

NNPC promises fans and supporters that he isn’t going to sell out and will be to Australia what Jack Harlow was to Kentucky.

His new song “Prolly Know” has been praised for its catchy hook, quick replay value, and mainstream style, we recommend giving it a listen here:

The rapper is an Aussie who hit it big while living in his parent’s basement and now plans to conquer the Australian music scene with his own style of music.

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