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Rising Superstar of the Hip-Hop Music Industry, Rapper BATE NATE H is Back with New Music



BATE NATE H has released three new tracks which are impressive for their catchy tunes, and quirky rap verses that create a groovy environment for the listeners.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, England Aug 25, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – The genre of hip-hop has given many artists hall of fame and worldwide popularity and continues to be one of the most popular music genres in the industry. BATE NATE H is the next addition to that list. The talented artist has released three brand new songs, ‘Yesterdays Price‘, ‘Immacula8‘, and ‘ Y IM BLEE6IN‘, that are filled with energy and are captivating listeners from all over the world. The songs truly can make the artist mount the top of music charts are fine examples of true hip-hop songs. The songs carry an ideal blend of the genre’s tunes and well-written rap verses.

With his exceptional talent as a rapper, he has managed to gather thousands of listeners for his newest releases and the audience has been appreciative of the tracks. The tracks have created a fun and groovy ambiance with the production which is filled with catchy tunes and digital beats. Even though the three tracks, ‘Yesterdays Price‘, ‘Immacula8‘, and ‘ Y IM BLEE6IN‘, offer a fresh vibe, they are unique and hold their components. The beats are perfectly paired with the well-written rap verses that are catchy and quirky, carrying the modern-day’s true essence of hip-hop. The melodic progression also ideally was complimented by the rapper’s delivery of the rap verses. BATE NATE H has proved his intense talent as a rapper along with the praise-worthy vocals.

The artist has showcased his talent in previous songs such as ’10 (no make-up)’, ‘Fresh N Unique’, ‘D I S X I P L E S’, ‘PP’, ‘Yeah Add My’, etc. under the label YSL RECORDS. The whole discography along with the latest tracks is available on his Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. For further updates you can follow the rapper on social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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