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Talented Musician Cat Mclean is Back with Two New Tracks to Treat Her Fans


Cat McLean

The new music released by the versatile artist, Cat McLean is impressive in every aspect. It is musically upbeat and cheerful, lighting up the moods of listeners.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Windsor, California Sep 19, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – An important trait of an artist is the versatility of expression. People have always loved artists who are musically gifted and produce songs that hold their unique themes. The artist, Cat McLean seems to have mastered this which has resulted in her gaining immense support and appreciation from the audience in a short period of time. Recently, the singer has released two brand new songs which are Youand ‘Leaf Blower’ which are also gaining praise from her fans from all over the world.

The tracks, ‘You’ andLeaf Blower are truly a treat to the ears of the listeners and give them a captivating experience. The most special and attractive features of the songs are their composition and production. They are done with such mastery that it blends genres to create a unique sound. Audiences can experience an ideal blend of pop, rock and roll, and alternative genres that are making them keep their tracks on repeat. This speaks volumes about the artist, Cat McLean, and her abilities as the production and mixing of both these tracks are done by her. She has simultaneously played guitar, keys, cello, and drums in the tracks along with engineering the tracks by herself.

As a songwriter, the artist has always seen it as a way to connect to her fans and the audience. She has also written these two tracks entirely which showcases her caliber of being an incredible storyteller and a writer. The lyrics are expressive and are very well accompanied by her mesmerizing vocals. There are similar performances of the artist on previous songs like ‘Doing it’, ‘Situation Room’, ‘Bombs Away’, ‘Without You’, ‘Release Me’, etc. The entire discography of the artist is available on Spotify. Fans can also follow her on social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram where she sometimes poses as a fictional character ‘Harry Backman’.

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