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Leading Crypto – NFT Agency launched Web 3 Academy for the underprivileged


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Oct 18, 2022 ( – TokenMinds, a leading Crypto & NFT Agency, launched a free online learning program for underprivileged communities to address the skill and knowledge gap in the global Web3 space. Available in English, the program intends to train millions of people from diverse developing nations in South East Asia, Africa, and South America who seek to advance their careers in the Web3 space or start their own blockchain or NFT project.

To kick off the initiative, TokenMinds launched new training classes under their TokenMinds Discord Server. The lessons are focused on NFT Development, NFT Marketing, Blockchain Development, and Crypto Marketing, which are personally conducted by their expert team and guest lecturers.

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Despite the significant progress made worldwide in crypto investing education, there are no significant free learning resources to actually start a career or project in the space. Moreover, education is cited as the most significant global barrier to digital assets adoption – according to Gemini’s 2022 Global State of Crypto report. The fast rise and increased usage of digital assets across the globe demand empowering more people with the right skills and tools. 

The TokenMinds Academy is designed to offer free educational courses on intermediate to advanced Crypto Marketing, NFT Marketing, Blockchain Development, and NFT Development topics and provide learners with online certificates upon fulfillment of the requirements of the course. Learners will also experience exclusive podcasts on Web3 as well as mentors who will guide them in the journey. 

While anyone can access the TokenMinds Academy, it is built to educate the underprivileged population, increasing their chances for a successful career or project in the ever-growing Crypto and NFT space.

About TokenMinds

TokenMinds is a Creative Engineering Crypto & NFT Agency that helps founders and entrepreneurs with Web3 projects from start to finish. This includes Community Building, NFT Development, Blockchain Development, Crypto Influencer Marketing, Smart Contract Development, and more. Since its inception in 2016, TokenMinds has been involved with top projects in the space, such as Gensokishi, CryptoBlades, and IOTW. The crypto and NFT agency offering end-to-end solutions, including (but not limited to) NFT art creation, NFT marketplace development, NFT staking dApps, and NFT Game Development.

With the newly launched TokenMinds Academy initiative, the company’s employees are volunteering their knowledge and experience in crypto and NFT marketing and development to empower participants to gain the requisite skills needed for the future.

To learn more about TokenMinds services and to register for the newly launched The Academy learning class, visit and follow @TokenMinds on social media.




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TokenMinds is a full service crypto agency that provides marketing, development and strategy for blockchain and NFT projects.
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