Linda Athanasiadou is an Expert in her Profession As a Certified Chartered Accountant And Compliance And AML Officer


Los Angeles, Oct 28, 2022 ( – A Certified Chartered Accountant by profession, Linda is a Compliance and
AML Officer. Her full name is Linda Athanasiadou. She has been in this
profession for more than 15 years. She is very hardworking and professional.
She tries to do her best in everything. She always tries to give her best in
Linda Athanasiadou was born in Ukraine and currently lives in the USA. Linda
has acquired a lot of knowledge and skills throughout her life. She also uses
this knowledge and skill to fulfill her duty in her profession.

Linda Athanasiadou was born in Ukraine and currently lives in the USA.
Since childhood, Linda Athanasiadou was always curious and engaged in
improving herself. Linda began her early education at a local English School.
Then she went to a State University to continue her study. Linda holds a
combined bachelor's and master's degree in International Relations.
Linda identifies herself as a person who is totally against the war and the
ruthless acts of the Russian government that have brought nothing but
problems, deaths, and victims having to leave their country and their roots
She has been raising funds by promoting GoFundMe campaigns for the
support of the current crisis in Ukraine to help her fellow citizens to overcome
the terrible situation that is happening due to the Russian Invasion. Linda is
really emotionally affected by everything that has been happening in Ukraine,
which is why she is working on creating her own humanitarian aid campaign to
help Ukrainians to settle in the neighbouring countries.

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