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Enjoy This Halloween with Mandi Martin’s Latest Book ‘A Cemetry of Dolls’


Mandi Martin  A Cemetry of Dolls

Mandi Martin is offering a delightful Halloween treat with her latest book ‘A Cemetry of Dolls’. The book is available on Amazon, both in Kindle and paperback.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ryde, England Oct 29, 2022 ( – Versatile author Mandi Martin is taking readers on a spooky fictional world through her latest book ‘A Cemetry of Dolls‘. The book offers an adventurous story filled with a lot of fictional elements as well as influences of non-fiction which makes it strangely familiar yet strikingly refreshing at the same time. The book has been published on July 26 of this year and already creating a huge buzz among global bookworms. It is currently available on Amazon for purchase and readers can avail of it in both versions, Kindle edition and Paperback. This book marks one of the greatest literary contributions by Mandi which spans over 271 pages. 

The subject matter of the story revolves around a cemetery of dolls just like the title suggests. It is situated on an island that is lost to humans, time, and tales as well. It is more like a different realm that makes everyone curious. The central character or the protagonist of the story, Stephen finds out about this place as well as puts himself in a situation that he might have never imagined. He encounters a living doll who is seeking freedom among others. He also finds out that the creator of these dolls has cheated death by transplanting his dying organ with mechanical parts. He wanted to be immortal in order to search for the answers which are never to be found as he was trapped in his own mechanical world. Stephen is warmhearted and wants to help both of them but will it bring more despair? Find out more by purchasing the book ‘A Cemetry of Dolls’. 

Mandi Martin is one of the most dynamic authors who has released a handful of the book earlier. Some of her literary creations are ‘Of Virtue and Damnation’, ‘The Loss Of Some Detail’, ‘The Veritable Thrill of Exactitude’, etc to name some. Each of the books can take readers into an immersive world of fiction. Hailing from the beautiful Isle of Wight, the author is greatly inspired by nature, animals, and her surroundings while living with her family and cats. Follow her on Twitter for more updates. 

The book is available on Amazon:


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