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Yakkyofy invests in CreationDose: the dropshipping company chooses the New Generation


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Yakkyofy and CreationDose signed a partnership aimed at companies that want to invest in the Creator Economy and New Generations.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Roma, Lazio Oct 28, 2022 ( – What made Yakkyo srl, a pioneer in the dropshipping industry, decide to invest in CreationDose, the MarTech that produces value for the New Generations, today?

Yakkyofy’s customers can profit from CreationDose’s expertise despite the different mission, as stated by Giovanni Conforti, Founder & CEO of Yakkyo srl: “The majority of our customers buy products in bulk from wholesale suppliers to resell online via eCommerce websites and via influencer social media profiles. Yakkyofy’s technology allows these businesses to fully automate the process of sourcing products, selling them online, as well as delivering orders, without handling shipments or maintaining a physical warehouse. Since Yakkyofy takes care of all aspects of sourcing and logistics for them, our customers’ primary focus shifts to selling their goods. In order to accomplish this, they are continuously in need of videos and content, as well as the possibility to easily get in touch with influencers to promote their products.  And that’s where CreationDose comes in. This company is able to fill a market gap and solve a problem shared by many businesses: the constant need of creating, in a really short amount of time, new content to keep up with a really fast-changing market in which content becomes obsolete really quickly. “

Yakkyo srl, founded in 2016 by the Italian Giovanni Conforti and the Taiwanese Carol Hsiao, offers a turnkey service to all those who want to import products of all kinds from China and resell them with their own brand all over the world. This Italian company was born from the idea of Giovanni Conforti to support SMEs importing from China through the help of technology. Using automated procedures like dropshipping, which enables you to sell products online without really owning them, the company seeks to simplify and make available to everyone the acquisition of verified and high-quality goods.

While entering the market with two distinct and unique services, these two companies provide complementary products to the world of MarTech, as stated by Alessandro La Rosa, Founder & CEO of CreationDose: “We both create market-enabling technological solutions, with the aim of communicating, selling, and managing. Through incredible expertise, Yakkyofy is dedicated to the creation and production management, for those who want to sell with eCommerce. CreationDose is part of this sector through Influencer Marketing, proving to be beneficial for both Yakkyofy and its customers, in constructing the content and product that will be sold. The decisive aspect for the success of eCommerce is to convey the information generated. We are experiencing incredible growth in the e-commerce sector and, specifically, within the New Generations market, thanks to influencers and Creators who offer an increasingly important contribution to the growth of this sector. 

This natural synergy has made the new partnership possible and has guided Yakkyo srl towards CreationDose, as stated by Jacopo Paoletti, Co-Founder & General Manager of CreationDose, as well as Partner & Advisor of several SMEs and startups, are already known in the Italian landscape: “Identifying an important player like Yakkyofy is a prerequisite for our internal strategy in the eCommerce field, on which we have already been working for a long time. Our common vision will certainly help us to accelerate the business of both realities within an increasingly dynamic and competitive market. The structure and skills of our MarTech have also convinced Giovanni Conforti to invest in Doserz, our team formed by Millennials and Generation Z of CreationDose. This makes us proud because it confirms that investing in new generations is not only possible but is the winning choice for all those companies that want to create a business in the NewGen Economy.”

CreationDose and Yakkyofy continue to invest in the New Generations, which is why they have formed this cooperation to assist young people who want to start online enterprises to do it faster and with less investment.

About the company: Yakkyofy is an all-in-one eCommerce service platform created by Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and in China, that helps online store owners fully automate the management and logistics of their online businesses. Yakkyofy provides products to sell, even branded with your own logo, allows you to import them with a few clicks on an online store, and manages the entire fulfillment automatically.

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