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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Get Birdfy As Festive Gifts



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Nov 9, 2022 ( – Still, struggling about what to gift your loved one on birthdays or other festivals? Great news! Netvue offers the best gift choice for you to create the best memory for them. Starting in 2010, Netvue has been developing a wide range of smart home devices including indoor and outdoor solutions. Last year, Netvue Birdfy was launched as an innovation project that aims to revolutionize global birdwatching experiences.

Now, Birdfy has been ranked Top 1 on Amazon Wish List and has been receiving positive reviews from bird lovers. Wonder why? Check out the 5 reasons below to explore Netvue Birdfy’s charm as a gift!

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Reason 1: Building Memorable Connections with Your Loved Ones

Netvue Birdfy allows you to create a special linkage with the gift recipients. You can enjoy watching cute little creatures having food in front of the camera together, or even prepare bird food together and invite birds to your yards. Birdfy opens up the best topic for you to gather around and enjoy chit-chatting about backyard birds together. When you and your loved ones notice that the lovely creatures frequently visit your backyard and even set home around your house, it can be a truly memorable experience to celebrate together.

Reason 2: Creating an Unforgettable Bird Feeding Experience

Netvue Birdfy is not simply a bird feeder camera, but a fantastic creator that offers wonderful bird-watching experiences for you and your loved ones. Birdfy allows users to install it wherever and however they want while providing 365 non-stop battery power and a weatherproof design. Moreover, Users can also receive notifications from the Netvue app immediately when birds are detected and recognized. No matter whether on sunny or snowy days, the birding experience will not be held back by Birdfy. Birdfy will be the perfect choice for you and your loved one to gather around and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing, and unforgettable birding experience.

Reason 3: Having High-tech Solutions to Get Extra Joy

Netvue Birdfy is the very first bird feeder camera that integrates AI technology, helping it identify more than 6,000 species of birds. Imagine how enjoyable it would be to watch birds appear on camera with your loved ones together, and you can proudly share the names of your favourite birds with your family and friends and brag about what new birds have come and visited your backyard. So far, Netvue is still dedicated to improving the user experience in all dimensions. With thousands of videos and images contributed by Birdfy users, the Netvue team is now able to enrich the database and make AI recognition functions more intelligent. If you choose Netvue as a gift, the recipient will be surprised by the enjoyable birdwatching experience and Birdfy’s powerful AI system.

Reason 4: Enjoying Birdwatching to Improve Living Quality

Birdwatching has proved to be a meditative activity that allows one to spend time in a quiet place and soothe their overworked brain without any distractions. Specifically, Netvue Birdfy is dedicated to providing the best birdwatching experience for users to get closer to nature, hence reducing stress, anxiety, and depression without going out home. More specifically, Netvue Birdfy features a smart camera in the heart of the feeder that allows your giftee to stare directly into the soul of any bird who lands on its spokes. With up to 8x magnification, you can identify the bird species and watch their behavior clearly and easily. Believe it, your giftee will easily wipe up negative thoughts and immerse themselves into the relaxing birdwatching experience!

Reason 5: Sharing love and care beyond celebrations

Netvue Birdfy delivers not only your best wishes to the gift receiver, but also your care and love for nature. Wildlife birds always struggle to find food and water to survive, especially in harsh weather. If you wish to make your gift more memorable and meaningful, Birdfy can be the best choice. Through Birdfy, you and your loved one can prepare food and shelter for them to express care and love to our natural friends. More importantly, compared to feeding birds in cages, watching wild-life birds fly and visit around your backyard must be more heart-warming and relaxing. If you love birds, why not choose Birdfy as a valuable gift to thank nature?


Forget conventional gift choices, Netvue Birdfy can be the most memorable and creative option for your friends and family! If you are interested in exploring more about Netvue Birdfy, visit their website now!


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