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Discover Eldrian Lopez, The Filipino Music Artist and Entrepreneur


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Eldrian Lopez is an Filipino Entrepreneur, website developers, freelance to name a few. who has already few years experienced in different field. he born on Manila, Philippines and living and serving now at Olongapo City.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Central Luzon, Philippines Nov 14, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – A new young Filipino Music artist and Entrepreneur at the same time!
Discover Eldrian De Jose Lopez also known as “Eldrian Lopez“.

Well, who is Eldrian Lopez? What is his niche and all doing on social media?

Eldrian Lopez is Filipino born November 12 1996 in the village of Navotas, Manila. At present, he is living in Olongapo City with his family of four members. 

He completed his primary education at Bangkulasi Elementary School in 2010. He passed High School at Navotas National High School in 2014. He passed Information Technology Science from Subic College in 2017.

Eldrian Lopez has started his music carrier in 2018. He used to sing a little bit from his childhood. His mother was the first music teacher of his life. After learning a little from his mother, in 2018 he became the first in a song competition called “The Children Sing” in Barangay and won second place in Navotas district. Thus began the life of his song. He start making music on youtube at that time and focused on building his music career.

He has released a lot of music. But in 2022, he released his first vocal music named “Paradise Baby Doll” and started working in the music industry as a musical artist. He has already released a lot of music and soundtrack such as “Come Baby to me Dust”, and “Morning Paradise” on various international music platforms. His music is available on different music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer, and other international music platforms.

He is working hard in this field due to her mother’s inspiration and deep love for music. He is a real example of the life that music can be associated with. May he find all the happiness of his life in the middle of the song. He always tries to present new songs to his followers.

His advice to new content creators and composers is to work hard. “If you have the desire and the effort to achieve something, you will surely find success,” he said. Eldrian Lopez was once an ordinary boy. But now he is known for his hard work and conviction.

He also starts acting in some Filipino movies and gets a few minutes of camera time. He was discovered by a talent scout in a mall while he was hanging out and singing with his friends.

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He has been releasing hip-hop and remix music to all music platforms online till now.
Eldrian Lopez’s music is available on Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, and Spotify
He is also a well-experienced Website Developer & I.T Data Manager of a discreet company based in the Philippines.


He is working as a Publisher on Google Adsense – He makes online valuable content and shares it on social media with a hundred thousand views.
He also freelances for Website Development and Data Management in some Philippine Based Company.

Personal Life

He is in a relationship with Tricia Nobe and has two kids named Nyx Andreige N. Lopez and Knight Iuhence N. Lopez

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Media Contact

Eldrian Lopez


Mabayuan, Olongapo City Zambales


Eldrian Lopez
Hello! I’m Eldrian Lopez. I am passionate about Digital Content and Website Development. I am a skilled Backend Developer and master of PHP Language with Framework such as Codeigniter & Native.


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