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Patrick Brosnan Has Released the New Musical Video of ‘Way Down We Go’ As a treat to His Fans


Patrick Brosnan

Fresh, emotive, and creative expressions are the most impressive elements of talented Patrick Brosnan’s latest released video of ‘Way Down We Go’ available on YouTube.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Banbury, England Nov 14, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Creative expression and blending the genres into creating something interesting and alluring is one of the greatest qualities an artist can possess. Patrick Brosnan is the finest example of this and his latest released music video is standing proof of it. The recent release ‘Way Down We Go’ has the ability to become the artist’s most streamed-to or listened-to musical track in the entire discography. Many artists have gained fame and popularity by showing versatility over the years. Similarly, the sensation best described as the rising star of the music industry, Pat Brosnan has taken a different approach to the reggae music genre which helps establish the fact of how versatile the artist is. This artistic approach has captured the true and expressive nature of the artist. The music video is also successful at capturing the real emotions of the lyrics and the track which is making the audience fall in love.

In the music video, the constant screen presence which is stronger than ever is definitely worth watching. The audience can feel the essence of the track entirely through the music video which shows a heartbroken and lost protagonist reminiscing his memories with his love interest. The track displays different styles which are mixed in the perfect combination to influence the audience. Patrick Brosnan also solely managed to write, compose and mix the track by himself which adds another dimension to his talent and caliber.

The video is shot in warm tones that go well with the theme and showcase the perfect case of heartbreak. The lyrics are well-versed showing the continuous journey of the singer getting lost in the memories of his lover. The lines like “Colored roses but all the leaves began to fall once again Time keeps moving yeah all the memories we had fall through the sand” of ‘Way Down We Go’ catch the true essence of the track’s emotions. On top of that, the artist has shown impressive expressions and emotive body language which has taken the video to another level. Follow him on Facebook for more updates.

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