Jonathan Pultz’s ‘Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line’ is a Necessary Book for All


Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line

Learning Crisis Negotiation is one of the prime aspects across the industry to run operations. Jonathan Pultz’s ‘Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line’ can prove that.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- La Habra, California Nov 21, 2022 ( – Crisis negotiation is something that can be useful in daily life as well as in critical situations where life is on the line. To teach the art of it, author Jonathan Pultz offers his latest literary creation Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line: The Essentials of Crisis Negotiation for Use in Everyday Situations’. The book is masterfully written to educate people around the globe and help them get away from critical situations with mindful tricks of negotiation. The book has been published on September 25 this year and is currently available on Amazon purchase. It is available in both editions Kindle and Paperback. 

The book is comprised of the practices of Negotiation skills that help to deal with bigger problems as well as daily life interactions. Whether it is a high-stress crisis situation or a basic task; these skills help to create a mindset that can solve every problem. There are a total of 25 chapters in the book Negotiating Like Lives Are on the Line: The Essentials of Crisis Negotiation for Use in Everyday Situations. Each of the chapters focuses on the practices and virtues of Crisis Negotiation which prove to be highly effective such as empathy, active listening, mirroring, deflection, how to use ‘No’, etc many other aspects. The book can help readers become more confident and effective communicators for all purposes whether a professional scenario or personal issue. 

Being a professional Crisis Negotiator from Los Angeles, Jonathan has ample experience in the field and has helped the public to get over many tacky situations. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Dispute Resolution along with the completion of the Negotiation Mastery certificate online program from Harvard Business School. With more than 24 years of experience, the author has witnessed numerous situations and successfully performed Crisis Negotiation. Jonathan Pultz has penned down his vision, knowledge, and experience through this to empower the readers. With help of this book, people are able to prepare themselves for various conflicts and stressful situations. The mind-boggling literary creation is not just a helpful book but highly engaging as well. Purchase the book on Amazon to find out more.

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