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Yazhou-Huangjin Promotes Innovative Sampling Technology in China’s Mining Industry



The company trialed a cutting-edge groundwater sampling method believed to be an innovation in the Chinese mining industry.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Fujian, China Nov 24, 2022 ( – Yazhou Huangjin, a gold exploration, and development company committed to being the gold investment that works for our shareholders, our operating partners, and our communities, is pleased to announce the initiative of bringing innovative sampling technology to the national mining sector.

At the exploration areas in Fujian, Jiangle County, Yazhou Huangjin has been sampling the quality of the groundwater on a monthly and quarterly basis. Before mining activity starts, the consultants compile data on how the chemistry of the groundwater (as well as the water level) naturally changes over time.

By attempting to remove and replace standing water in the monitoring bores that have accumulated between sample runs, pumps are typically employed to acquire groundwater samples that are typical of the groundwater inside the aquifer. As a result of a chemical change that causes inconsistent results, it is crucial to avoid sampling stagnant water.

The conventional pumping technique is fraught with dangers. These include the need for a lot of plastic tubing, which creates environmental trash, frequent pump failures, labor and time requirements that are high, energy-intensive activities, and difficulties locating replacement parts while working in distant areas. The experts concluded that there was a more efficient technique to collect groundwater samples that would benefit the customer by saving money and time.

After testing, the Yazhou Huangjin team concluded that a “high-tech plastic bag,” is a no-purge groundwater sampler that collects a “core” of water from any discrete interval in a well’s screened area without disturbing the water column. The bag is always sealed except when samples are taken; it then automatically reseals when it is pushed up to ensure that only the necessary area is tested and not the stagnant water.

About Yazhou Huangjin is a world-class gold mining and exploration company operating in Jiangle County, Fujian, People’s Republic of China – one of the world’s premier new gold regions. Our mission is to grow into one of the most valued gold mining companies by identifying, acquiring, and managing the greatest assets and personnel in order to generate long-term profits for our shareholders and partners. We are devoted to cooperating with the nations and communities that will serve as our hosts to convert their natural resources into meaningful benefits and shared prosperity. Our portfolio is concentrated on high-margin, long-life assets and encompasses the world’s most productive gold areas. As valued members of our communities, we generate economic activity to earn our social license. We monitor the effects of our operations and work to set the standard for the best safety, health, and environmental practices in the industry.


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