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Quentin Hiatus Adds a Significant Chapter in the EDM Sphere with ‘200 Percent Ninja’


Quentin Hiatus

The remarkable musical prodigy Quentin Hiatus creates a significant ripple in the EDM scenario with his latest track ‘200 Percent Ninja’, raising the pulse on the dance floor.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Butler, Pennsylvania Nov 29, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – When it comes to creating Electronic Musical tracks, one artist that is gradually, yet permanently making his mark in the world of music is Quentin Hiatus. He has now released his newest musical track 200 Percent Ninja, and it is worth all the hype. The soaring instrumentals exhibit a pure blend of passion and of precision in the track that delves deep into the immersive and emotive depths of the artist’s soul. The house build-up emits a dark aura that intrigues listeners, and at the same time, it heightens the heart rate and uplifts into a sensual jive. Providing a novel style to classic synths, the track launches a powerful embrace of trippy rhythms and careful musical design.

As the song progresses, it takes listeners further toward a euphoric peak that showcases the prowess of a musician with a deft ear for melody, rhythm, and authenticity. The artist employs the known building blocks that pave the way for connecting to a broader audience. With ‘200 Percent Ninja’, the artist definitely raises the bar by creating a breathtaking dance anthem, with the pleasant twist of a unique creative identity. The immaculate craftwork interwoven with the timelessness of drumbeats and resonating bass makes all the difference and turns it into a timeless piece of work in the EDM genre.

The industry’s promising new gem Quentin Hiatus‘ track brings a brand new flavor to the EDM musical platter. His musical competence has been proven previously in tracks like ‘Carver Park’ and ‘Star 4,788’. Listen to these amazing tracks on Spotify. You can also stream them on SoundCloud and YouTube. To never miss an update on this musical genius, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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