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An App that Ends Temper Tantrums


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The only thing parents need to get through the holidays

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Austin, Texas Dec 2, 2022 ( – Happypillar, a leading digital therapeutic company, announced the launch of its subscription-based app that makes parenting easier.

Being a parent isn’t easy. Families today face unprecedented anxiety as things have gotten worse for parents since the pandemic. With changing rules, daycare centers closing, and a lack of family support due to travel restrictions, it’s a challenging time to be a caregiver. Families are turning to technology to fill the lack of support gap. Earlier generations read parenting books. But millennial and Gen Z parents have an arsenal of parenting apps to help with everything from tantrums and potty training to being an intentional caregiver and following gentle parenting techniques.

Sam Gardner and Mady Mantha noticed a pattern where families everywhere are in need of support for the kinds of behavioral challenges that are exacerbated by these stressful times. They founded Happypillar by breaking down boundaries between AI and clinical therapy, bringing together these two disparate worlds to help parents and kids. “When parents receive personalized strategy or coaching suggestions, those are selected via machine learning recommendation techniques and pre-vetted by our in-house therapist. This process will make Happypillar the premier destination for support for parents, kids of all ages, young adults, couples, and more,” says Mady Mantha, CTO and co-founder.

“I was exactly the kind of parent that needed something like Happypillar. I paid through the nose for play therapy but knew that wasn’t accessible to everyone. Our mission is to make parenting easier and make families happier. Our methods result in significantly improved behavior, reduced caregiver frustration, and a happier, calmer family.” said Sam Gardner, CEO, and co-founder.

Happypillar doesn’t have waitlists or require insurance and parents only need to use it for 5 minutes a day to see results. It is available to download in the App Store today.

About Happypillar

Happypillar was founded in 2022 in Austin by Sam Gardner and Mady Mantha. After noticing the mounting parental stress in their own lives, they came together to create a tool that utilized evidence-tested techniques, cutting-edge machine learning, and the expertise of clinical therapists.


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Being a parent today is hard. Happypillar can help. Our methods result in significantly improved behavior, reduced caregiver frustration, and a happier, calmer family.
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