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New book, Understanding Crack-ers, offers insight into racists’ behavior


How Donald Trump and other racists make it impossible for America to be truly great

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami Gardens, Florida Dec 3, 2022 ( – An explosive new book redefines a racial slur and explains what makes racists like Donald Trump, George Zimmerman, Travis McMichael, rogue cops, “Karens” and others behave with such hatred towards Black people.  

In Understanding Crack-ers: A Spiritual Approach to Comprehending Why Some White People Are So Hateful, author Michelle Hollinger explains that all people are spiritual beings having a human experience, but “crack-ers” have a different internal make-up that virtually guarantees their irrational behavior, unwarranted hatred towards others and efforts to deprive United States citizens access to liberties “crack-ers” believe to be exclusively their own.

“When you understand the true reason that some White people are so hateful, it helps you realize why fighting against racism is counterproductive and why we should stop wasting energy on trying to change something we have no control over,” she explained. “An entirely different approach is necessary.”

Hollinger is a sociologist who says the people shouting the loudest about making America great again are the very ones destroying it. She said instead of responding to their hateful antics, people should follow Michelle Obama’s advice, “when they go low, we go high.”

Regarding America’s greatness, Hollinger said the country has had moments of greatness but hasn’t been great yet because crack-ers want to take the country backward instead of aligning with progressive ideas that make it better. She added, “They want to increase the level of violence instead of doing what’s necessary to manifest peace.”

Understanding Crack-ers offers a brilliant, thought-provoking exploration of America’s racial dynamics and offers insights on how to shift the consciousness that made George Floyd’s murder and the January 6th insurrection attempt possible.

Hollinger explained that although “crack-ers” exist in all races and nationalities, Whites are the most dangerous because of their tendency to act on their hatred and create systems to perpetuate it. 

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