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Buy and hold BTCMS to earn more Bitcoin daily



The First Crypto Token dedicated to Michael Saylor Loved by All Real Bitcoiners!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Florida, United States Dec 9, 2022 ( – BTCMSaylor is the first project and only project inspired by the enthusiasm of Micheal Saylor for Bitcoin. Micheal Saylor holds his coin both in bull and bear markets, and he isn’t concerned about increasing the price of Bitcoin and keeping his BTC. 

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We aim to demonstrate the difference between Micheal Saylor and Elon Musk by acknowledging Micheal Saylor as the hero of cryptocurrency while pitching Elon Musk as the villain of cryptocurrency. We believe that Micheal Saylor is a diamond hand while Elon Musk is a paper hand. Elon Musk does not believe in the possibilities of Bitcoin, as he attempts to pump and dump it, just as in the case of Dogecoin.

With the inspiration of Michael Saylor against Elon Musk, this project aims to empower all of the token holders with daily reflections on Bitcoin. Currently, the platform invites everyone to join this journey with a successful roadmap and Utility under development and others to be developed through voting surveys on the official telegram channel.

Utilizing modern technology and advanced features, BTCMS allows holders to gain more BTC without even moving a finger.

BTCMSaylor is going to be the next biggest crypto token with more potential than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Michael Saylor is setting an example in the market by offering a fruitful way to gain Bitcoin benefits for everyone unlike the pump-and-dump projects inspired by Elon Musk.

BTCMS is allowing every crypto holder a fair chance to gain more profit in the market where the price of Bitcoin is raging on rocket fuel.

Currently, the platform is in its initial phase of development where it is working on its pre-launch. Within PHASE – 4, the platform starts rewarding the loyal holders.

Some of the utilities include Daily BTC rewards which would be 3% of all buy and sell transactions.

The Staking DApp would also be released. This would allow long-term holders to earn passive income by staking their tokens for more BTCMSaylor tokens while earning bitcoin rewards.

The BtcmSwap would be launched after trading is live on Pancakeswap allowing investors to buy and sell their favorite tokens on the BNB Chain.

The swap would be improved into a Dex aggregator to cater to other chains while providing the best price for investors.

A limited collection of Bitcoin-themed NFTs would be released to ensure.

These NFTs would possess tons of unique features like rarity, increased bitcoin reflections, access to cheaper fees while using the swap, and also staking capabilities.

The NFTs would also be utilized in the 3D play to Earn game. The 3D play-to-earn will feature a Micheal Saylor vs Elon Musk fighter-themed game.

BTCMSaylor is not only concerned about its holders but the environment as well.

Bitcoin mining requires a lot of resources in terms of electricity and that is why it has decided to send 1% of each tax into a charity wallet which will be utilized to support renewable energy sources. With project taxes currently at 10% for buys and sells, be rest assured that the Bitcoin reflections will not stop.

Our $10,000 soft cap fair launch presale would be open on 2022/12/18 at 17:00 UTC and end on 2022/12/21 at 15:00 UTC. The presale would be happening on Pinksale where we have successfully gotten all 4 badges of safety (SAFU, AUDIT, KYC, DOXX). Click on each of them for more information.

Visit our official website,check out our roadmap, audit report, and whitepaper. I warmly invite you to follow us on all of our socials (Telegram and Twitter).


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