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Enjoy A Musical Blast with NEODYM and Her Neon-Tinted Electronic Collection



Extraordinarily talented music artist NEODYM is making some brisk moves through the industry with her latest synthpop singles.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Cologne / Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia Dec 11, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Get ready to join a stellar and futuristic journey of electronic music with NEODYM and her musical collections. This uber-talented singer and composer is spreading a new creation with her musical representations that can captivate a global audience. ‘Manifesto (Veni, Vidi, Vici)’ is of those fine examples that showcase her musical proficiency and passion to come up with something new. Offering a delicious blend of electronic music and synthpop, NEODYM is redefining the genre with her sheer individuality and creativity. The song starts out groovy, but reduced, with slightly soulful 80’s Pop elements, then dares to jump into the saxophone-dominated “Bar Jazz” and then breaks out in the best “Lady Gaga-style” with pompous basses and retro-modern beats. Her magical vocal skills added another layer of musical aesthetics to the track. With this song she created a piece of contemporary art that not only has entertainment value, but also added value and makes you want to hear her upcoming solo album.

Similarly, there are another single titled ‘Criminal Minds’ that spans over four minutes and envelops the listeners with a long-lasting impact. The lyrical approach of the tracks is quite intriguing and offers an engaging dark essence. The sound design in the track has well complemented its rising essence while offering a hooky soundscape for everyone to enjoy. “Criminal minds” could be heard in many radio stations in USA, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, France, Italy, Germany and Poland. ‘Arytmetyczny’ also deserves a special mention with its invigorating musical approach and poetic lyricism. Written and sung in Polish; the artist is embracing her mother tongue here. This song has been awarded by Polska Muzyka Alternatywna in March 2022.  

NEODYM and her magnetic interaction with the galaxy reflect through her dynamic musical creations. Some of her other singles like ‘Sunday Lover’, ‘Liars’, ‘Schizophrenic’, ‘In Labyrinth’, etc are some of the best examples of her consistency towards the craft. Each track provides a distinctively different flavour than another which makes her musical arsenal even more diversified and attractive. Follow this talented music artist on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram to know more. She has recently participated in the Kalisz Alternatywny Festival in Poland.

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